According to the presentation material seen by IS, Sitra, which was consulted by the Transport Tax Reform Task Force, is concerned about, among other things, the low price of crude oil reduced by the interest rate crisis, which reduces the cost competitiveness of new technologies such as electric and gas cars.

According to Sitra, the reduced tax level for diesel and the diesel propulsion tax should now be abolished for this reason.

In addition, Sitra proposes that the state consider a completely new price mechanism for fossil transport fuels, the so-called the floor price. The purpose of the statutory floor price would be to ensure that petrol and diesel refueled by citizens do not fall below a certain minimum level in the future. even if the world market price of oil falls any way.

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According to Sitra, an automatic inflation adjustment system or other similar gradually tightening price increase mechanism should possibly be created for the CO2 tax levels related to the acquisition and use of motor vehicles.

In order to guarantee tax revenues, Sitra also proposes to the Tax Working Group of the Ministry of Finance that a general toll be considered, which would be lower in sparsely populated areas and for new propulsion cars.

According to its own statement, the mission of the Finnish Independence Celebration Fund Sitra is to “build a successful Finland of tomorrow, anticipate the forces of change in society and their effects, look for new practical operating models and accelerate business aimed at sustainable well-being”.

According to Sitra, these traffic changes should be implemented already in this election period:

  • Abolition of the reduced rate of diesel and the propulsion tax on diesel

  • Clarification of the tax treatment of synthetic fuels

  • Possible reductions in car and vehicle taxes as well as tax breaks for sharing and renting vehicles

  • Future guidelines for fossil fuel taxation and initiation of possible increases

In Sitra's view, due to the “challenges” related to “social acceptability”, ie in practice “acceptance” of citizens, ie possible high resistance, in particular tax levies on fuels and / or possible tolls should be introduced gradually, ie gradually.