Supported by the tribes and the Arab coalition, the Yemeni army continued their military operations on the Naham and Sarwah fronts in the vicinity of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, with continued progress on the two fronts, Najd Ataq and the Al-Jawf Junction between Marib, Al-Jawf and Sana'a, and a Houthi march was shot down in Marib.

In detail, the Yemeni army forces, backed by the Arab alliance and the tribes, continued their advance in the Naham front, northeast of the capital, Sanaa, for the second day in a row, achieving qualitative field victories at the expense of the Houthi militias, which suffered heavy losses, including the destruction of their reinforcements that were on their way from Khawlan And hashish was built toward Nahham and Sarwah, as well as shooting down a drone in Marib.

Field sources confirmed that the army was able to destroy the Houthi military reinforcements that were en route from Bani Hushaish towards the Nahham fronts, which are witnessing violent battles between the army and the coup militias, as part of the military operation that began on Saturday in Najd Al-Ataq.

The sources indicated that coalition fighters and army artillery destroyed the Houthi military vehicles as they were leaving the Al Jumayma camp, and the headquarters of the 63rd Republican Guards headquarters in Bani Hashish, east of the capital, were on their way to the Naham fronts, and also targeted other reinforcements in the vicinity of the Arqoub camp in the Khulan district in the southeast. The capital was on its way to the Sarawah front, west of Marib.

Meanwhile, the battles on the front lines of Najd Ataq in Sanaa, between the army and the militias, continued for the second day in a row, during which the army forces were able to recover the areas of al-Dakhil, Al-Alaq, Ramah, Safar Shanan, Al-Aghar, and Dushush, a few days after the Houthis took control of them.

Field sources indicated that the army destroyed 11 Houthi vehicles, and recovered a large amount of weapons, which were left by the militias in Najd al-Ataq, which was fully recovered, pointing out that the fighting between the two sides is 11 km from Najd al-Ataq, and that the army artillery began to destroy sites and dens of militias east The region, with continued progress in facilitating the front. The sources confirmed that dozens of Houthi elements were killed in the fighting in Nahham, including four snipers and a number of field leaders.

At the Al-Jawf Junction between Sana'a, Marib, Al-Jawf, and near Nehem, the army forces, backed by the Alliance, continued to advance towards the Triangle Point, from which the road branched, towards the three governorates, and reached the Al-Alam region.

On the other hand, the army and tribes forces managed to shoot down a Houthi march plane in the Jahm Bani Jabr area east of the Sirwah Marib district, before it reached its target.

For its part, coalition fighters destroyed Houthi military reinforcements at the Al-Jawf junction, which resulted in the death of a number of Houthi elements, including field leader Abdul Karim Mohammed Al-Washali. In al-Dhalea, the joint forces broke a Houthi attack from two axes, west of the Qataba district, northwest of al-Dhalea, and were able to force the attackers to flee and retreat, after incurring heavy losses.

In Hajjah, field sources confirmed that the coalition fighters were able to destroy specific military vehicles of the militias, which had pushed them to a farm in the Al-Jar area of ​​the Abs district, and hidden them among the trees, noting that the operation was described as qualitative, and the Houthis were shaken in Hajjah, after reports of the death Notable leaders in the process.

In Hodeidah, the joint Yemeni forces managed to destroy the Houthi enclaves in the vicinity of the mountainous area of ​​the district of Al-Tahita, after monitoring their movements and targeting them with the appropriate quality weapons with them, according to sources in the Giants forces.

The army destroys 11 Houthi vehicles and recovers a large amount of weapons left by the militia in Najd al-Ataq, which has been fully recovered.

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