Intensive initiatives by various departments in various places    to
  assist college graduates in employment and entrepreneurship (new economic orientation, graduate employment)

  "Account 0.4 yuan" "Account 0.4 yuan" "Account 4 yuan" ...... At the rookie station in Fenglinfu Community, Nanjing, Sun Yanting was very happy to hear the report from the mobile phone.

  As a fresh graduate of Wuxi Vocational and Technical College of Technology, Sun Yanting chose to replace employment with entrepreneurship, set up a rookie post, and provided express delivery and delivery services for neighbors. "This rented shop is the starting point of my career." Sun Yanting said.

  Enrollment expansion of state-owned enterprises, expansion of “special post teachers”, expansion of grass-roots posts, and expansion of the scale of apprenticeships… Various departments across the country have introduced intensive measures to help 8.74 million college graduates have a way out.

  New industry opportunities

  4.17 million people-by the end of 2020, my country's information infrastructure industry will have a core technology talent gap of 4.17 million;

  19124 yuan-The salary of algorithm engineers rose against the trend, and the average salary in the first quarter reached 19124 yuan per month;

  1:3-Java development engineers have the largest gap, and each job seeker corresponds to about 3 job opportunities.

  A few days ago, the “New Infrastructure Industry Talent Development Report 2020” released by Zhilian Recruitment showed that there are many opportunities in the new infrastructure, and there is a long-term shortage of core technical talents. Young people are ushering in the “new vent” of struggle.

  Zhao Yiru, who is about to graduate with a doctorate degree, felt the opportunity of the new infrastructure. Years of research in computer vision recognition have given him the opportunity to enter an internship in a large Internet company, and also participated in the design and development of smart city projects. "The internship and getting the hiring notice are quite smooth." Zhao Yiru said that beside him, many "post-95s" are also preparing to enter this field as soon as they graduate.

  "Although college students face greater total pressure in employment, there are large differences among industries, occupations, and regions, and structural contradictions are prominent." Liu Hua, an assistant researcher at the China Employment Research Institute, said.

  Industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading have created huge employment potential during the transition period.

  Not only is the new infrastructure, in the new consumer field where Sun Yanting is located, Cainiao Inn said that it is expected to open 30,000 new sites in 100 cities this year, which can drive at least 30,000 families to achieve employment.

  The big data of the Zhilian recruitment platform shows that new consumer industries represented by online education, training, Internet, e-commerce, and new industries represented by medicine, bioengineering, electronic technology, semiconductors, integrated circuits, etc., have squeezed into universities. The top 10 in the ranking of graduates' employment prosperity industry.

  "Especially in the urban life service industry such as beauty, hairdressing, fitness, etc., although the overall recruitment demand of the industry has declined, the demand for college students has increased, especially for knowledge-based talents who understand online operation. The recruitment of CEO of Zhilian Guo Sheng said.

  There is room for employment in old industries without getting together or gathering.

  Big data analysis shows that the employment prosperity of college graduates in the hotel and catering industry ranks seventh, ranking among the top in many industries.

  What is the reason? According to Guo Sheng's analysis, affected by the epidemic, the recruitment demand in the hotel and catering industries did decline in the first quarter, at -6.75%, but the decline was lower than the national average of -16.77%. On the talent supply side, the number of job seekers in the industry grew only 1.8% in the first quarter, far below the national average of 69.82%. Under the dual role, the competition in the hotel and catering industries is less intense than in other industries.

  "Therefore, we recommend that college graduates pay attention to market changes and adjust employment expectations in a timely manner, including expected industries, occupations, expected types of enterprises, and expected salaries." Liu Hua said.

  Digital platform building

  "The information is asymmetric, and I didn't dare to find small, medium and micro enterprises before." Chen Qian, a fresh graduate of Zhejiang University, said.

  "As a startup company, school recruitment is not easy, every time you need to invest 3-5 staff, nearly 100,000 yuan in costs." Human Resources Director of the Kangaroo Cloud Co., Ltd., a startup company established in Hangzhou, said.

  On the one hand, there are 8.74 million college graduates, and on the other hand, tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises providing over 80% of China's jobs; while “dare not to find” small and medium-sized enterprises, while “dare not to recruit” new graduates, how to resolve the contradiction?

  Digital platform building. "Taking Dingding's "cloud recruitment" platform as an example, relying on big data, all enterprises are real-name certified, and they can also check the sesame credit of enterprises and mutual evaluation between enterprises to solve the problem of information asymmetry." Zhang Yi, vice president of Dingding Say.

  According to reports, with the continuous upgrade of the "cloud recruitment" platform, not only can companies publish recruitment information for free, visually display company information and culture in the form of videos, pictures, etc., the platform can also accurately recommend these recruitment information to the near future through algorithm recommendation Graduates from thousands of universities.

  "We hope to open up the link between SMEs and graduates, and dig out more previously overlooked positions in SMEs to open up to graduates." Zhang Yi said.

  The data that is rapidly updated and climbing upwards witnesses this change-

  On March 20th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security launched a special campaign of one hundred million online recruitment. As of May 14th, a total of 1.65 million households had issued job requirements of 17.25 million person-times;

  In Xinjiang, “Cloud Recruitment” continues to be hot, with 2570 households, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, providing 19,000 jobs and signing 6,078 employment agreements with graduates;

  In the field of digital economy, the Ministry of Education and Alibaba jointly launched a special job fair. On the first day of the launch, 160,000 small, medium and micro enterprises provided more than 400,000 digital jobs...

  Not only that, the relevant support policies are also very powerful.

  "We will give a one-time employment subsidy to the small and medium-sized enterprises that absorb graduates' employment; those who recruit graduates from enterprises to carry out work-based training will also be given vocational training subsidies." Li Zhong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences, said that enterprises It is the main channel for absorbing the employment of college graduates, and will stabilize the employment of college graduates by stabilizing the main channel of enterprise employment.

  Policy guarantee

  To do a good job in the employment of college graduates, in addition to encouraging more employers to open arms to graduates, government departments are also doing everything possible to dig up positions.

  A few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments launched the "100-day sprint" action for the employment and entrepreneurship of 2020 college graduates, focusing on expanding the employment channels of graduates.

  Central enterprises and state-owned enterprises took the lead and set an example. In the first quarter, central enterprises recruited a total of 76,000 college graduates. State-owned enterprises will expand the scale of recruiting graduates for two consecutive years.

  The potential of the grass-roots posts is tapped to expand the scale. The "three support and one support" project will recruit 32,000 graduates to engage in grass-roots education, agriculture, and medical support services, an increase of 5,000 compared with last year; an increase of 5,000 special-post teachers will be recruited, and the recruitment scale will reach 105,000; Tens of thousands of graduates supplement the ranks of teachers in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens...

  "This will not only solve the employment problem of college graduates, but also make up for some shortcomings in grassroots public services." Li Zhong said that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will also develop more urban and rural community services, primary medical care and other fields in the field of employment Employment.

  Entering a higher school, enlisting in a military, expanding the scale of a trainee, and increasing opportunities. Enrollment of postgraduates increased by 189,000 and enrollment of ordinary graduates increased by 322,000; enlarging the scale of apprenticeship training, giving subsidy support to apprentices, and encouraging the retention of apprentices; further implementing preferential policies for graduates enlisting in the military and expanding the scale of enrollment in the military.

  More importantly, as China’s epidemic prevention and control and blocking wars have achieved major strategic results, offline recruitment activities will be resumed in an orderly manner, and the recruitment of agencies and institutions will also be started one after another, and a large wave of employment opportunities is going to graduates. Come.

  "We will also strengthen the bottom-line guarantee." Li Zhong said that all unemployed graduates who leave school will be included in the real-name system management, by extending the time limit for registration reception, file transfer, and settlement to ensure continuous service; Poor college students in Kazan will also implement special assistance actions and carry out “one-to-one” assistance.

  "In short, we will do our best to create conditions for the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates, and support them to develop their skills and display their talents in various fields." Li Zhong said.