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The United States has lived this Saturday massive demonstrations in the main cities of the country that have been held until late in the afternoon in a peaceful and festive atmosphere and without serious incidents to protest against racism and police brutality, when they turn twelve days of the death by suffocation of the African American George Floyd at the hands of a white agent in Minneapolis.

The epicenter of the protests has once again been in Washington DC, where tens of thousands of people have gathered from the first hours of the day in different parts of the capital, in front of a White House cordoned off by the police while he was inside the President Donald Trump, as well as around the Capitol or on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial .

Among the thousands of protesters was the mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, who has criticized the presence of federal troops sent by Trump, which has already defied the Government and changed the name of the last section of 16th Street that leads to the White House for "Black Lives Matter", motto of the anti-racist movement that can also be seen from Friday written on the pavement with huge yellow letters.

"Our soldiers should not be treated in this way, they should not be asked to act against our citizens," said Bowser, who on Thursday ordered the lifting of the curfew that had been in the city for several days. "Today we are here to say no, in November we will say that the next one will pass," concluded the mayor of the Democratic opposition, referring to the upcoming presidential elections.

Trump has not had any public act throughout the day and strangely enough, he has been absent from his speaker on Twitter until after six in the afternoon he has launched his first tweet of the day. "Wow! 96% approval in the Republican Party (and I think it was before yesterday's" big "job numbers) Thank you!" Said the president, who minutes later wrote "Law and Order."

This Saturday, more than 43,000 soldiers of the National Guard, a military body made up of volunteers who do not depend on the Armed Forces, were mobilized , with a presence in 39 of the 50 states of the country and in the District of Columbia, to support the security forces. and state officials in the massive protests taking place across the country as the president remains "refugee" in the White House.

The protests, which have been the most massive since the death of George Floyd in late May again ignited racial tensions in the United States, have been held amid a peaceful environment both in Washington and in other cities in the country, from New York or Philadelphia on the east coast, to Los Angeles or San Francisco on the west coast.

Peaceful protests have been seen in the Big Apple in the five boroughs of the city, the most notable being the one in front of the Trump Hotel in Columbus Circle or the thousands of people who have crossed the emblematic Brooklyn Bridge towards Washington Square Park shouted, "I can't breathe," "Without justice, there is no peace," or "Let's not allow George Floyd's death to be in vain."

The eyes have also been on North Carolina, where a second funeral for George Floyd has been held, attended by several members of his family and in which a phrase that summarizes very well what was heard from one of the speakers what is happening these days in the country. "Some deaths are not just about death, some deaths are also to wake us up."

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