The global outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Indonesian schools stopped teaching offline, and four expatriate teachers in our dormitory took home office to a new height!

There are great ways to hoard food

  For this sudden outbreak, several of our teachers have been prepared for it. When Indonesian News officially reported that there was a confirmed case, we were on the way to get off work, and upon hearing the news, we immediately decided to go to the supermarket before returning home.

  Because we think that before the advent of the virus, home is the safest way, as long as there is food, we will never go out.

  With enough rice, noodles, oil and daily necessities in recent months, we moved back to the dormitory to prepare our home office.

  From March 16th, according to the notification from the education department of the Indonesian government, the school requires teachers to work from home and not to go out, and our "house" life has officially begun.

  The Han teacher in the dormitory has the most experience in life. In addition to preparing enough food, she has already started to buy medicines, masks, goggles and so on.

  Teacher Chen, who has lived in Indonesia for the longest time, insists on learning Indonesian and is familiar with the surrounding routes. Near noon, when the hot sun was in the head, the outdoor body temperature was above 40 degrees. I saw Teacher Chen fully armed, hat, mask, and sunscreen. She wanted to walk out and shop while the locals were not out at noon.

  When I came back, I saw her carrying a big bag, three big pumpkins, and fifty or sixty eggs, which made us dumbfounded. This is to eat for three months!

The picture shows the kindergarten teacher of Little Sun Trilingual School in Surabaya giving students online lessons at home

Good food production

  If you live in a dormitory, you will naturally be busy for three meals a day. Then show their magical skills, use this kind of home life to practice your own cooking skills!

  Our teachers have their own characteristics in cooking. Teacher Xiao Xiang is meticulous from choosing vegetables to washing vegetables. A green onion is a bit muddy, and she will rinse it many times. A meal, a dish, she can be busy for more than an hour. For her, this is much harder than online teaching, lesson preparation, and lesson recording.

  Teacher Chen is a master of vegetable cutting. I saw her holding a round chayote in one hand and a kitchen knife in one hand. The demonstration was on the spot. A large plate of shreds was cut out at the time.

  Teacher Xiang and I witnessed it with our own eyes and shouted, "This is really a one-time job!" We can only look at this technology with sigh. After two months of practical training, the chef's cooking skills have been greatly increased, including dumplings, steamed buns, homemade chopped pepper sauce, and fried rice. Bean stew noodles, braised pork ribs, sweet and sour octopus have become our signature dishes!

The food made by the teachers (Photo by the author)

Sports and fitness

  With the online teaching of zoom gradually getting on track, life in the dorms has become boring.

  Our four Chinese teachers started the sports punching plan, supervising each other and reminding each other! In the current epidemic situation, only by exercising well and strengthening your own immunity can you resist the menacing virus.

  Mr. Chen's Tai Chi sword will sound on time at six o'clock in the morning, one move and one move seem to be simple, and we have really stiff limbs.

  We joined Teacher Han's hiking training camp. As the saying goes, "After a meal, we will take a hundred steps to live to ninety-nine." Coupled with the WeChat exercise card, we can exceed tens of thousands of steps a day.

  Without going out the door of the dormitory, I walked around in the house, upstairs and downstairs, and left and right corners left our footprints.

  Close the door, lay a yoga mat, stretch and relax properly, put on a soft music, meditate quietly, adjust your emotions, and welcome every day with a positive and optimistic attitude!

Pen and ink book fragrance body and mind

  After finishing the online class, we have more time to read. A good book and a cup of chrysanthemum tea are our most enjoyable time.

  Mrs. Chen’s room has the most books. She keeps reading for three hours a day. We are also deeply infected and rush to find her to borrow books. After reading a book, after tea and dinner, we will have the topic we discussed, and naturally we will forget the anxiety of the changes in the epidemic data.

  When I opened the door of teacher Xiang and I, a scent of ink came in. In the tropical climate of Indonesia, the hot weather every day is easy to make people sweat and irritable. Put on rice paper, pick up the brush, and calm down. Quiet.

  One practice per day and one work per day. This is our regular plan. The strokes of strokes, the deep feeling of homesickness slowly melt away at the tip of the pen.

  In the pots on the balcony there are seedlings of Impatiens, Jasmine, as well as convolvulus, sweet potato tips, and green onions. Watching them thrive, our home office days are getting fresher.

(Photo by author)

  Seeing that the country is already preparing for the resumption of school, we are also learning to charge every day, turning all our thoughts into motivation for work and life.

  In this smokeless war, we cannot rush to the front line, but we must protect ourselves and let family and friends rest assured. I look forward to seeing the smiling faces of the children as soon as possible on the day of resuming school and returning to class. That must be the most beautiful scenery!

(Photo by author)

  Author: Wang Caixia