North Korea's elementary, middle, and high schools, which had postponed their opening due to the corona 19, opened on the 3rd.

North Korea's foreign propaganda media,'Chosun Today', released the video on the first day of school at the elementary school of the three-way elementary school in the ordinary river district of Pyongyang.

According to the video, on the day of the school's opening, the opening ceremony and entrance ceremony were held as a video.

The name of the software called'Mari Kyung-kyung' appears at the top of the video screen, and the video system is presumed to have been developed by North Korea.

Each student wears a mask and does not take it off while attending school or in class.

A male student also wore a mask bearing the'Adidas' logo.

The classroom walls are filled with maps of the Korean Peninsula, English word boards, and propaganda slogans that pledge allegiance to the Chairman of the State Council, Kim Jong-un.

Students seemed to chat with their friends during the break or eat soy milk (soy milk).

In the interview with'Chosun's Today', Kim Eun-joo of the first and second grade classes said, "It was great to be in the elementary school and have my first class."

The grandmother who met her granddaughter said, "I was only waiting for the day my child went to school, but I am happy to go."

North Korea starts a new semester on April 1 of each year, but this year the Corona19 epidemic has left school for two months.

North Korea has mobilized a number of propaganda media, including Chosun Today and Echo, before and after the opening of the school on the 3rd, highlighting the liveliness of schools at all levels and advocating that society is stabilizing despite Corona19.