China News Agency, Berlin, June 6th (Reporter Peng Dawei) On the 6th, many German cities once again held large-scale demonstration rallies to oppose all forms of racial discrimination.

On May 31, local time, in Berlin, Germany, a man stood outside the US Embassy in Germany holding a slogan to protest the death of an African-American man caused by violent law enforcement by the US police.

  On May 30, about two thousand people gathered in front of the American Embassy in Berlin to protest. On June 6, the scale of demonstrations at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz reached 15,000, making it the largest gathering in Berlin since the outbreak of the new crown.

  At 14:00 that day, the demonstration started on time. A reporter from China News Service saw at the scene that the largest pedestrian shopping plaza in Berlin was blocked by protesters wearing masks, and many people wore black T-shirts.

  To commemorate George Floyd, an African-American man who died in the violent law enforcement of the Minneapolis police in the United States, people sat in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. This is the length of time that George Freud was pressed by the police with his knee before his death. The artist also painted George Freud's head with colored pens on the ground of Alexander Plaza for people to hang on.

  A protester wrote the words of George Freud calling for help at the last moment of his life-"I can't breathe". She said that even though racism was not her personal problem, it was still necessary to work against racism. "I feel like I have to speak up."

  The reporter saw that the participants of the day covered people of different skin colors and nationalities. They put out slogans such as "Black people's lives are equally important", "White silence is equal to white men's violence," "Say no to racism," and they call on people to ensure that tragedies will not repeat.

  Because Germany had lifted the restrictions on the number of demonstrations during the peak of the epidemic on May 30, the Berlin police dispatched a large number of police forces to stop the crowds from gathering at Alexanderplatz on the same day, and advised the demonstrators to observe the epidemic prevention requirements, maintain distance, and wear masks.

  "Racism is still the most common pandemic we face." a protester wrote. Another protester's slogan read: "It's not enough just not to be a racist. Please be an anti-racist and speak for it!"

  On the same day, demonstrations of the same theme were held in major German cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hanover and Stuttgart, with more than thousands of participants. The number of demonstrators in Munich has reached 20,000.

  In response to the death of George Freud, German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly condemned this as a racist "murder" and "horrible" in an exclusive interview with German TV station. She also said that American society has been "highly polarized."

  Merkel admitted that racism exists in any era, and Germany also has this problem. "What we have to do now is to examine our own problems."

  In fact, participants at the demonstration on the 6th day also slogan "Don't forget Hanau and Halle". In October 2019, a German man tried to break into a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle with a weapon, and shot in front of the church, killing the two. In February 2020, a German gunman killed 10 people in Hanau, near Frankfurt, for racist motives.

  On June 4, the Berlin City Council passed Germany's first state-level anti-discrimination bill, which stipulates that in the future law enforcement shall not be treated differently based on race, gender, religion, language and other factors.

  "No child is born racist, everything depends on what the parents teach the child." German football star Boateng, who has the Ghanaian descent, also tasted racial discrimination in Berlin when he was a child. He believes that it is important to start teaching children in school that "racism is wrong" and to come forward when someone encounters discrimination. "Only in this way can we make progress." (Finish)