China News Agency, Beijing, June 7 (Li Jingze) As the national epidemic prevention and control blockade achieved major strategic results, the Information Office of the State Council of China issued a white paper on "China Action Against New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic" on June 7 (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper" "). This is called "an important document that truly records the hardship of China's epidemic resistance."

  The white paper is about 37,000 words, including the preface, main text and conclusion. The text is divided into four parts, which are China's arduous process of fighting the epidemic, cooperating in the two battlefields of prevention and control and treatment, gathering the powerful forces to fight the epidemic, and jointly building a human health and health community.

  "The hardship of China's fight against epidemics is an unforgettable shared memory of 1.4 billion Chinese people. The Chinese people will always remember this history." Xu Lin, deputy minister of the CPC Central Committee's Propaganda Department and director of the State Council Information Office, said that the white paper was released to record China The difficult process of fighting the epidemic, sharing the effective methods of prevention and control and medical treatment of the epidemic in China, introducing the Chinese people's feelings and experiences of the epidemic, and conveying the confidence and strength to unite and cooperate to overcome the epidemic.

  "The new coronavirus pneumonia is the most widespread global pandemic that humans have encountered in the past 100 years." The white paper said that in the face of the previously unknown, sudden, and violent outbreak of natural disasters, China has decisively launched an epidemic prevention and control war. China puts the safety of people’s lives and physical health first, with firm and courageous courage and determination, and adopts the most comprehensive, strictest and most thorough prevention and control measures to effectively block the virus transmission chain.

  "As of May 31, 2020, the cumulative cure rate of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in China is 94.3%." Xu Lin said.

  The white paper pointed out that China has always upheld the concept of a community of shared human destiny, shouldering the responsibility of a big country, fighting side by side with other countries, and overcoming difficulties. In accordance with the law, openness, transparency, and responsible attitude, China immediately informed the international community of the epidemic situation information, and it has no reservations to share prevention and control and treatment experience with all parties. China feels the same sufferings that the epidemic has brought to the people of all countries and provides humanitarian assistance to the international community to support the global fight against the epidemic.

  The white paper emphasizes that the current epidemic situation continues to spread globally. China deeply deplores the people who have been killed by the virus and who died in the fight against the epidemic. We pay tribute to the people who are fighting for the lives to stop the epidemic and express their wishes to the people who are unfortunately infected with the virus and undergoing treatment.

  At the press conference, Xu Lin also quoted the white paper to reiterate: "All countries should seek for human development and future generations, uphold the concept of a community of human destiny, work together, watch for help, and jointly build a human health and health community. The international community is firm in confidence and unity. Cooperation will surely defeat the virus, walk out of this difficult time in human history, and usher in a better tomorrow for human development." (End)