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Ruth Handler, the wife of Mattel's co-founder, had found that her daughter Barbara preferred to entertain herself with cardboard cutouts and photos of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe rather than with the dolls of a lifetime. It was the late 1950s and he sensed that there was business ...

What came next is history: an unsightly poster at the New York Annual Toy Fair - "No one will play with a doll with breasts" - and a revolution in the form of a plastic figurine and blonde mane. Barbie has been a pop icon for decades . Now the miniature mannequin is again demonstrating its ability to prescribe trends and adapt to the times. Even from these strange moments of pandemic.

I have long wanted to create a parody Barbie line, but never had time. Well, lately I've had enough ... », explains Tonya Ruiz , the American grandmother and former eighties model behind the Instagram account @grandmagetsreal. From it, taking advantage of the confinement caused by the Covid-19 and its own ability to customize, it has been launching new prototypes of the world's most famous doll.

For example, the curvy and homemade Barbie that copes with the virus by eating donuts or chips and well supplied with toilet paper ( Quarantine Barbie Starter Pack ); the Barbie nurse , who presents herself with the pertinent mask, thermometer and even an x-ray of a patient's lungs ( Pandemic Hero Health Care Worker ); the Barbie mother of a family who has had no choice but to transform her house into a classroom ( Quarantine Barbie Homeschool Mom Edition ) or the Ken who works in underpants and whom a crying baby threatens to crush the video call ( Quarantine Barbie Zoom Ken ).

Yes, they want to make the collection.


With the widespread use of tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, it had to happen sooner or later. A few weeks ago, little Martina (three years old) interrupted a virtual press conference by Inés Arrimadas to show her journalist dad the M she had just drawn. On Tuesday he went to Lorena , a Colombian student, to whom technology played a trick on him during an online class .

It occurred to the young woman to have sex in the middle of the lesson , without noticing a small detail. "Lorena, we are listening to you, your microphone is open" , her teacher warns her in the video that a classmate recorded. Between gasps and laughter, the recording went viral. In the end, the teacher turned off the sound herself. In short, with less argument there are movies on Pornhub , which has just warned of the dangers of masturbation in the home office era .


It happened last Saturday night in the Moby Dick room (Madrid). Los Punsetes , the flagship band of independent pop, inaugurated a new era in the history of indigenous music with the inauguration of paid online concerts in Spain . 1,500 viewers from 15 countries connected to the bolus through the Digitalfep platform, in streaming image and high-quality audio unpublished to date. And the best: without enduring the loud comments from the viewer next door during the performance.


The desire to play sports, the fear of contagion and the search for alternative mobility options are bursting the bicycle market. Manufacturers and sellers are that they do not believe it and some have gone from ERTE to not cope. The use of the bicycle lane in Madrid increased by 300% in the first unconventional weekend.

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