• Anniversary: ​​Barbara Rey, 70 years of a 'lioness' impossible to tame
  • Confessions. Barbara Rey: "I have never tried the drug, I have been very scared"

She has always been a woman of tears and tears. Although not apparent, Bárbara Rey (70) has spent more than five decades working with the culture jet such as Carmen Sevilla, Mel Ferrer, José Sacristán, Richard Widmark or Amparo Soler Leal. And with Alain Delon? "No, no, that's another story. He met me, he liked me very much and we had a little roll."

How could the French heartthrob not like it! The versatile artist is still one of the most beautiful women in this country, but keep an eye on the data, as she confesses to LOC "I have a lot of respect for the operating room . Mine is genetic. I have only punctured silicone on my lips and I don't know It absorbed them. They deformed them. It was in the year 90 and because a friend convinced me. " She claims that her is genetic, her father died at 96 years "without a wrinkle" and her mother at 92 years "had a great quality of skin and fibrous legs, muscular and without a gram of cellulite."

As soon as normality returns (old or new, because you never know) Barbara will finish the process of selling her wonderful house in Madrid, she will resume the works of her Marbella villa and to live, which are two days. Oh, and you have a complaint! "Unlike many people, I do not have Netflix because the company I have hired has not felt like putting it on me. I signed a year of permanence as an asshole, it costs me one egg and half the other, and I still do not have it "

Recently ten years have passed since the death of Ángel Cristo, how do you remember him? I married him for life. No man has loved me like him, but he had a sick mind. What most influenced his physical and psychological abuse towards me was his insecurity and that he loved me too much. I never cheated on him, despite the strong comments that have been made. I have forgiven him, although I am nobody to do it. I have suffered a lot, but in this situation you cannot go apologetic. I helped him a lot financially (he starts crying). I have turned the page and I am left with the good, like his children and his granddaughter. I can only see it by video conference. It is the most beautiful and funny thing I have ever seen. If you only knew how she poses in the photos! My son and daughter-in-law don't like show business, but the girl has a style that reminds me of someone (smiles). During confinement, people have put on weight, is that her case? Before the pandemic, I had three kilos left over, then I put on one, but I started to control myself and I've already lost it. Soon I will lose the others. He worked with Julio Iglesias in Life is the same . Did you try to win him over? No, but during a break from filming he asked me: "What do you like most about me?" I was so surprised that I said: "Your eyelashes" (laughs). It was that they were very long (laughs). He was charming, a little insecure, he needed to like and like him. And he succeeded because he was always aware of it. When he married Isabel Preysler they lived near the Bernabéu and I met him many times because my dog's groomer was in the next door. You started in the cinema more than five decades ago, were you sexually abused? It is very important to be sure of yourself, to know what you want and what you do. If you have talent, you should not compromise. If you fight, they respect you. And I did it. There was only one very important director and producer who disrespected me as a young girl, but since I rejected her, it took me many more years to become popular. Work is sacred. I am crazy when they say that she lived as a boy. Was the beginning hard? By not making concessions ... My only goal was to work and earn a living. When I separated from Ángel, she wrote down on paper what we needed to eat because she had a limited budget. I have worked a lot and very hard. And the fame came ... When I became famous I was very scared because they said such ugly things to me that I had a cazallera voice or did not understand the jokes of El Jueves and El Papus . After presenting four Palmarés programs (1976) on TVE, I was about to quit. Everything was big and I suffered a lot, but I got used to it. All the women who were in the uncovering have given us very strong, and that I was not the first to undress. What comes to your memory of your glorious time as a vedette ? The fortune that I spent on costumes. One piece could cost me 18,000 euros, another 10,000 ... Money with which you could buy a flat in 1980. Everything was feathers, sequins, embroidery, glitter ... Any funny anecdote? For a year, a lesbian couple Wonderful two days a week reserved seats in the front row to see Barcelona is Barbara (1978-1979). They always laughed. A year later we met for lunch and they asked me who was the one who came out with a red wig. They did not recognize me. He has a great comic vision When I make a comedy people are scared, but the physical has hindered me. In this country it seems that to be funny you have to be ugly. In the play Cuéntalo tú que más grace, she played three women, a blonde, a brunette and another redhead, and since the Muñoz Seca theater is so small, I saw people as crazy watching the program to know who those actresses were. The protagonists were Cassen, who would later be replaced by Juanjo Menéndez, and myself. At the end, when I said hello, I would go out with my three wigs and I would hear them comment: "See how I told you it had to be her?

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