Populist party Swedish Democrat chairman Jimmie Åkesson is demanding the resignation of state chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell in Dagens Nyheter.

Åkesson demands that not only Tegnell but also the government take responsibility for the poor management of the coronavirus epidemic.

- The government and health authorities have had the opportunity to correct their mistakes one after another. Despite this, the downturn has continued. Those responsible for wrong decisions should thus leave their post immediately, Åkesson says in DN.

According to Åkesson, the elderly in particular have not received the protection they deserve from decision-makers.

- Let's make sure the mistakes you make never happen again. The pursuit of political power must never take precedence over saving lives, Åkesson says.

In Sweden, 17 new coronavirus-related deaths were reported on Saturday. The virus has already killed 4,656 people in the country. On Friday, 77 new corona deaths were reported in Sweden.

At the same time, the number of coronary deaths in Sweden exceeded that of China, the presumed country of origin of coronavirus disease. According to statistics from John Hopkins University, 4,638 deaths had been reported in China by Friday. According to another commonly used source, Worldometer, the Chinese reading would be 4,634 cases. China has a population of about 1.4 billion and Sweden 10 million.

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Sweden's approach to treating the coronavirus epidemic has differed significantly from other European countries. Compared to Finland, for example, the country has had much looser restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus.