The parents of Emirates Today students were informed that they received offers to register their children in international schools outside the Emirates, and to pursue distance studies via their interactive educational platforms, for tuition fees not exceeding 5,000 dirhams, while the parents of students revealed that they had initiated contact with external international schools that provide a system of distance study To register their children with them, while the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi confirmed that acceptance of educational certificates issued by educational institutions outside the state is conditional on proving the actual enrollment of students in schools through the registration systems approved by educational authorities in those countries.

In detail, the relatives of their students confirmed that they received messages, via e-mail, from private schools in Arab, Asian and European countries, inviting them to register their children in them and pursue their studies remotely, and the affirmation of these schools that they have an official accreditation to their curricula, and that they apply the traditional study system, and approved the education system From a distance after the spread of the "Corona" pandemic worldwide.

The parents of students said: Wael Salah Al-Din, Ahmed Montaser, Sarah Wafi and Majdi Zaher: “We reached out to the schools we wrote, and the fees ranged between 1,000 and 1,200 dollars. Our children also participated in experimental classes organized for them, and the virtual classes included students from several countries.” Noting that the experience was encouraging, especially since these schools have experience in distance education, and they have distinct educational platforms.

With the parents of Radwa Nadi, Sharif Samir, Hanaa Masoud and Reem Khalaf, some of the educational offices that market university education via the Internet have started marketing school education remotely, also, noting that they have received offers from these offices, including promoting more than one school in Different countries also received an invitation to participate in the distance education exhibition, and they were informed that schools and universities from more than 50 countries will participate in it, and review their educational programs.

They added: “The offers included payment of fees in two installments of $ 500 each semester, and handing them a letter of approval from the Ministry of Education in the mother country of the school, and the embassy of the state in the Emirates confirming that they are accredited schools and have a regular education headquarters, and they have recognition of their distance education system, noting that These offices promote schools that apply the British Curriculum, the American Curriculum, the Canadian Curriculum, and the Indian Curriculum.

The parents of students indicated that they received offers to register their children in private schools outside the state, through their accounts on social networking sites, where these schools follow the Emirati private school groups, and the parents ’parents’ visits on social media platforms, and communicate with any guardian who comments on these groups , Or complaining about anything that he could not deal with in his school's distance education system, in an attempt to persuade him to register with her and decorate the matter for them, focusing on the difference in the financial cost of studying.

The parents of students confirmed that they registered their children in private schools in their home countries. International curricula are applied, to ensure that they are accredited schools, in exchange for registration fees not exceeding $ 100, and in the event that the distance study is fully approved, the next academic year, they will activate the registration and start studying there, and return that There are several reasons, most notably the low fees compared to the fees for the private schools where their children are currently registered, and the provision of a distinctive and easy to use interactive learning system to avoid the difficulties they faced with the distance education system provided by their schools.

The students ’parents revealed to“ Emirates Today ”that they have initiated contact with international schools outside the Emirates to register their children in them and complete their studies remotely, indicating that these schools have been applying the virtual school system for years, and have recognized their diplomas from public universities, in addition to that their curricula are distinguished and qualify Students for admission to prestigious universities, and the costs of studying there are lower than the tuition fees that they pay in local schools that offer modest education, according to the assessments obtained from the relevant educational authorities.

On the recognition by the department of distance education certificates issued by schools outside the country, and the possibility of allowing these students to re-register in schools inside the emirate, after the return of the traditional educational system, the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi, in its response to «Emirates Today», confirmed that distance education is a system Accredited education within the UAE, applied from March 22, 2020, as part of the preventive measures taken to limit the spread of the "Covid-19" virus, and to ensure the continuity of education for all students in public and private schools that follow formal education in the country. She added that the distance education process is based on providing educational services to students with modern technological methods and means that are compatible with all study plans and the various and various educational curricula in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, approved by the Education and Knowledge Department.

She stressed that students who have completed their studies in formal educational institutions must demonstrate their actual enrollment in schools, through the registration systems approved by educational authorities in those countries, and provide certificates (academic year evaluation cards) issued by these schools at the end of their school year, where they will be accepted The Department These certificates are similar to the students of other schools in the Emirates, who have finished studying through the same system.

Education and Knowledge: We accept external school certificates, as are students from other schools in the Emirates.

Parents of students who enroll their children in private schools in their home countries apply international curricula.

Private schools: sites promoting unaccredited educational programs

Private schools officials have warned of the danger of transferring students from their schools and enrolling them in fake schools outside the state, stressing that the offers that reach the families of students stand behind the so-called network of "education stores" on the Internet, which promotes unaccredited educational programs and its certificates are not recognized, and registered students With it, they cannot register at any public university. They pointed out that any student who moves to these schools and is considering returning again to a regular school, will have to repeat the years of school spent in these schools, and thus the loss will be doubled, including additional years of education and waste of financial resources, and stressed that the educational form for the next school year did not specify Yet, it will often be a hybrid system that includes education supported by technological development through the addition of virtual classes.

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