The Interior Ministry counted this Saturday 23,300 demonstrators against police violence in several cities in France, including 5,500 in Paris where three rallies had been prohibited.  

The rallies against police violence gathered 23,300 people in France on Saturday, including 5,500 in Paris, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. 

Despite health restrictions and bans, demonstrators marched in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Rennes or Marseille to pay homage to George Floyd, who died in the United States at the hands of the police, and to denounce "racism" and "impunity" which would reign within the police in France. Incidents are to be deplored in Metz where the end of the rally saw protesters forced the pedestrian entrance to the courthouse. During these clashes, the public prosecutor was also injured, receiving "a pebble on the nose". He was taken care of in hospital. 

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