When reporter Kelsey Weekman announced on social media that he had found Ben Affleck’s secret Instagram account, the actor’s fans rushed to solve its mysteries.

Weekman, who shared his research on Twitter, concluded the account belonged to a 47-year-old award-winning actor after noticing several revealing clues, Mirror says.

Kelsey Weekman shared her discovery on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter / @ kelsaywhat

The account is run by a person named Ben, and the account name is @positiveattitudehunting, which seems to be a reference to the actor starring Good Will Hunting.

Speculation is also compounded by the account profile picture, in which Affleck hugs his current girlfriend Ana De Arma.

The profile text of the Instagram account reads, “Just a dad who sometimes makes movies”. The text also includes a link to the charity founded by Affleck.

One of the mysteries of a secret Instagram account is related to the account’s followers, of which there are only three. Already revealed Followers include girlfriend Ana De Armas, and actress ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

However, curious fans have not yet found out the identity of the third follower. The private account is followed by 14 people and has posted 35 private photos that avid fans would like to access.

The contents of a private account can only be seen if the person holding it accepts the follow-up request as the sender's successor.

Ben Affleck fans were excited to reveal the secret account.

Photo: Tsuni / USA / Alamy / Alamy / MVPhotos

The actor’s Followers are passionate about finding a secret account on social media.

- This is the content I need. We need the identity of a third follower.

- This is such an important job.

However, not all fans understood the halo that rose from a secret Instagram account.

- Why does everyone make this such a big deal? She has a personal Instagram for her personal friends. So what?

Affleck also has a public profile with a whopping 4.3 million followers and over 162 publications.

Affleck has had a long career in Hollywood as an actor, producer and director. He has won two Oscars for the films Argo and Good Will Hunting.

Affleck, who played Batman in the 2017 Justice League film, was scheduled to continue his role in The Batman, which will be released in 2021, but the actor withdrew from the film at the last minute.

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