Government agencies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi offered vacant “supervisory” jobs for UAE citizens, with salaries of up to 90,000 dirhams, on the window designated for work and employment in the Tamm platform for government services, which includes hundreds of jobs in government and private sectors and departments at the state level.

The Human Resources Authority of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi confirmed that applying for job searches on the Tamm platform needs to follow three steps and does not take more than six minutes.

In detail, the authority announced that citizens seeking job opportunities could apply for employment through the Tamm platform, which gathers government services under one umbrella, to take advantage of the services of the authority to search for work and follow up job applications.

The platform is a unified government portal, which allows customers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to perform a series of government services through one point of contact, without the need to move between different government agencies to complete their transactions.

The platform, which is one of the initiatives of the "Abu Dhabi Digital Authority", devoted a window on its official website, bearing the name "work and employment", providing a definition of the rights and duties of employees, and an account of the certificates and security licenses needed by those wishing to hire, in addition to offering hundreds of job opportunities presented from Dozens of government and private agencies and departments in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Emirates.

The "Work and Employment" window on the Tamm platform allowed the employers to announce their new vacancies, by linking and cooperating with the Human Resources Authority of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It also gave it the authority to manage the displayed vacancies, related to vacant job data.

According to the Tamm platform, citizens looking for job opportunities can apply for a vacant job, through this service, commensurate with their qualifications and skills by following three steps, starting with logging in with the user name, and setting a password through the website https: / / spapp / en / candidate / default, then search for a suitable vacancy. Finally, open the desired job, and press “Submit”, confirming that these steps take only six minutes.

And «Emirates Today» conducted a survey of the most prominent job opportunities presented on the “Work and Employment” window in the “Tamm” platform, which varied between technical, consulting, vocational and administrative jobs in government agencies and departments, and a number of companies operating in the oil, aviation, construction and information sectors, where salary rates ranged It has a minimum of 6000 dirhams, and a maximum of 90,000 dirhams.

The list of vacancies included an advertisement for the position of director of the Quality of Social Welfare Department in one of the government departments in Abu Dhabi, with a salary ranging between 80 and 90 thousand dirhams, as a maximum, provided that the applicant should hold a doctorate degree in philosophy and humanities, and with experience of not less than eight years.

The list also included the position of "Director of Communications" in a public university in Abu Dhabi, with a salary ranging between 50 and 65 thousand dirhams, provided that the applicant holds a Bachelor's degree in communication and media, with experience between 8 and 12 years.

Also among the technical jobs offered is a senior manager of electrical and mechanical engineering at an asset management company in Abu Dhabi, with a salary starting from 50 thousand and up to 60 thousand dirhams, provided that the applicant holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, and has experience of 5 To 10 years.

Office jobs

The list of vacancies included a number of office job opportunities, with salaries ranging between 6000 and 24 thousand dirhams, most notably a "sales manager" job in an insurance company in Dubai, with a salary from 18 thousand to 24 thousand dirhams, provided that the applicant holds a doctorate in dental surgery. Or medical science, and the least of which is the position of "Customer Happiness Adviser", in one of the information centers in the Emirate of Ajman, with a salary starting from 6000 dirhams, other than commissions.


Minutes to apply for employment, via the Tamm platform.

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