The Dubai Health Authority is carrying out a research study to determine the repercussions of the "Covid-19" pandemic on the medical staff from a psychological point of view, in order to develop appropriate plans and programs to treat these effects and enhance mental health, and provide a scientific reference for the future crisis and disaster situation.

A consultant and Acting Head of the Psychiatry Department at Rashid Hospital in Dubai and President of the Emirates Mental Health Association, Dr. Samia El Khoury, explained that the department will start to carry out and carry out the study, with a view to knowing the extent of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, psychological pressure, and stress among doctors, and obtain data and information Precise in this regard, the authority enables the appropriate planning for the preparation of psychological support programs for them, in a scientific manner based on the figures and the completed study.

And she continued: «The study also aims to know the factors affecting the increase in the severity of psychological impact,» noting that the target sample, which includes 300 medical staff working in the commission, was calculated, confirming that it is randomly selected, and stated that the duration of the study is three months, It will be preliminary, followed by another study that includes a comprehensive survey of patients with corona and their psychological impact. Al-Khouri said that the authority is also in the process of conducting a community survey that includes children, teachers, parents and the elderly, to know the extent of the impact of the pandemic on society, and then provide psychological support to them, with the aim of early intervention before exacerbating these effects, and treating them.

She drew attention to the existence of many other studies that the commission is undertaking to treat the consequences of the Corona pandemic, all of which are governed by a higher goal, which is to have the commission have a scientific reference in the event of future crises and disasters.

She said that during the recent period, the commission has considered what medical staff at all levels and specialties may experience, especially first-line doctors, from pressures and special psychological conditions, some of which may cause depression and stress, as mental health doctors were quick to provide immediate psychological support to them, 24 hours a day.

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