• Jair Bolsonaro threatens to bring Brazil out of the World Health Organization


06 June 2020Brazil's Ministry of Health wants to recount Covid-19 deaths in the country, claiming that many of them would have been caused by other diseases but incorrectly registered as coronavirus to obtain funds from the federal government.

The Brazilian media reported this, underlining that the Minister of Science Carlos Wizard, without providing evidence or elements, called the data "imaginative or manipulated". Wizard added that new data will be provided in a month, sparking opposition controversy that denounces an attempt to censor the information.

In Brazil in the last 24 hours there have been over a thousand, with a total of over 34 thousand deaths and more than 610 thousand infections. Experts believe that the reality is opposite to that described by the government of Brasilia, that is, that the dead are actually many more due to the lack of diagnosis. The government data website has been blacked out.

President Jair Bolsonaro explained that "the cumulative data does not reflect the moment in which the country is located". "We are taking other actions to improve reporting of case numbers and confirmation of diagnoses," he added.