In Germany, the investigation into the missing Inga, then 5, has reopened. Magdeburger Volkstimme reports that the family suspects Christian B., who is suspected of Madeleine McCann's murder, is behind the girl's disappearance.

Inga disappeared on the evening of May 2 in Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt, East Germany, next to a large forest. The family was on a day trip together. The girl was believed to have gone in search of firewood for the campfire. The forest was raked for a long time, but to no avail.

The state of Saxony-Anhalt promised a € 25,000 discovery fee for the hint of finding the girl, but that did not lead to the desired result.

This week, German central criminal police have said they suspect, among other things, Christian B., who has been convicted of child abuse, of Madeleine's murder. The man is currently sitting in Kiehl, northern Germany, serving prison sentences for the brutal rape of a retired woman in Portugal.

Christian B., 43, has a long criminal history and has lived as an adult for long periods in both Portugal and Germany, where he also spent periods in prisons.

The German media has linked the cases of Madeleine and Inga, but no strong evidence has been presented to the public.

- We are investigating whether new clues have emerged in connection with the suspicion of murder in Braunschweig, Stendal's prosecutor said on Friday about the opening of the investigation.

Inga disappeared five years ago on a family day trip.

Photo: Saxony-Anhalt police

Inga's mother's lawyer demanded a new investigation. According to the lawyer, Christian B. has no alibi for Inga's disappearance date.

According to Volkstimme, Christian B. was nearby the day before Inga disappeared. Christian B. had a minor accident in the parking lot at the time.

Christian B. owns an abandoned house in Neuwegersleben, 90 kilometers from the site of the disappearance of Inga. RTL says that according to eyewitnesses, Christian B. visited his house daily until May 6, 2015 and drove every day between Braunschweig and Börte.

Police found a USB stick with child pornography on the scene when Christian B was investigated for child abuse in 2016.