Black man dies, protests continue across the country Largest in Washington June 7 at 7:03

In the United States, protest demonstrations were held all over the United States on the 6th, two weeks after the death of a black man who was suppressed by a white police officer, including the biggest demonstration ever in the capital Washington.

It will be two weeks shortly after a protest demonstration continues in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the Midwest after a black policeman George Floyd was killed by a white police officer holding his neck down on his knee on the 25th of last month. A large-scale protest was held all over the United States on the 6th of the weekend.

In New York City, protests were held at more than 20 locations in New York City, with temperatures rising to over 30 degrees Celsius, and about 2000 people gathered at Union Square in Manhattan.

Participants held up a placard saying "Justice for us" and voiced "I will never allow racism", and then joined the other protesters and marched. Did.

Near the White House in the capital, Washington, the largest demonstration ever has taken place and people who gathered enough to fill the road protest against racism, saying that "black lives are important" I showed you.

A memorial service was held at a church in Southern North Carolina, where the deceased Floyd was born, and fellow attendees mourned for Floyd's death by saying goodbye.

In the United States, criminal acts such as looting that are conspicuous for a while are decreasing, but demonstrations are not showing signs of stopping, and it will be held in various places such as Washington and New York on the 7th.

Largest protest in Washington

In the capital, Washington, there was a protest demonstration with tens of thousands of participants, the largest ever.

The streets near the White House, which were engraved by the Washington City authorities in huge letters to indicate solidarity to the protest, "filled the life of the blacks" gathered enough people to fill the streets.

Participants of the demonstration protested against the discrimination by posing with one knee on the ground and holding a placard saying "If there is no justice, there is no peace" I was crying out.

Approximately 5,000 National Guards have been mobilized in Washington and traffic regulations have been set up in the city, but until now, no collision with demonstrators has been confirmed.

A 33-year-old black man who participated in the demonstration said, "Trump's lack of understanding and behavior towards blacks is jeopardizing the country. Not only is it the arrest of a few bad police officers Needs to be reformed."

Thoughts of young people participating in the demonstration

Every day, protests across the United States continue to be partly radical, with violence and looting attracting much attention, but many protests are peaceful.

Most of the participants are teenagers and teens, and they are appealing for the elimination of racial discrimination against blacks, but participants are not limited to blacks.

Sarah Perez (21), a white student attending a university in the capital city of Washington, was one of the participants.

We support and participate in the slogan of the protest demonstration that "Black people's lives are important."

"It's horrible, but unfortunately, many Americans aren't surprised," he says of the death of a black man.

However, there were some shocking events as I participated in the demonstration.

Following a mob in part of the protests, President Trump denounced the act as "terrorism within the country" and showed a strong attitude to dispatch troops if necessary.

Sarah said most of the demonstrations were peaceful, and he was angry, saying, "President Trump declared war against Americans. It seems to be a dictatorship. It is cutting up the division of America." I will.

However, Mr. Sara does not have such feelings only for politicians such as President Trump.

Especially recently, I have become increasingly distrustful of the media.

Even in this demonstration, he felt that he was biased by emphasizing only violence and looting and said, "Large media are biased towards party faction and can't be believed. Americans don't know what information to rely on, I listen to only the information I want to hear," he adds.

Furthermore, the recent experience of the spread of the new coronavirus infection is another reason for the demonstration.

While studying at university, I am working as an "essential worker" at a grocery store, but "I am attacked simply by asking the customer to wear a mask before entering the store. I am working at the risk of life. What can I do?” he confessed that he was treated unreasonably.

And he advocates the depth of racial problems, saying, "Most of my colleagues who receive such treatment are minorities such as black people."

"We have been angry and sad about what has happened in America for a long time. We also have anxiety about the future. We want to keep our children alive in such a situation." Appealing

When asked if he thinks that change will come to America through this demo, he said, "I believe that. It should change, but I think it will take a long time."

Protest demonstration in Europe

Demonstrations were also held throughout Europe, including England and Germany.

In London, the capital of England, thousands of people gathered around the central square in front of the parliament in the middle of a light rain on the 6th.

The people who gathered put up a placard with words such as "Black people's lives are important" and "Justice for black people" used in American demonstrations, while pushing up fists and protesting and solidarity. Showed his will.

A participating woman said, "Because everyone is the same person, everyone should be fair. All life is important, but now we have to move for the blacks."

While the effects of the new coronavirus continued, the British government called on citizens not to participate in large-scale gatherings to prevent infection, but many people wore masks and did not wear them. The mask was handed out.

Some people then headed for the US Embassy and the British Prime Minister's Office, protesting against discrimination as many police officers watched.

Protests have been held not only in the UK but also in Germany and France, and movements to protest against discrimination have spread throughout Europe.

Even in Australia and South Korea

Demonstrations were held in Australia and South Korea on the 6th, and the participants showed their attitude to protest against discrimination.

Protests and rallies were held in multiple cities in Australia on the 6th, with tens of thousands of people attending, according to local media.

In Adelaide in the south, large-scale gatherings have been restricted due to measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, but police approved the event as "citizens have the right to protest important issues." It was

Also, in Brisbane in the east, more than 10,000 people participated in the rally, with participants holding placards saying "Black lives are important" and aboriginal people from Australia. I called for them to stop discriminating against us.

In Seoul, South Korea, on the 6th, dozens of people wearing black clothes and masks gathered and put up a placard saying "I oppose racism" or "We are solidarity". ..

Participants prayed to George Floyd, who died, in a kneeling pose, proving to protest against discrimination.

In Japan as well, a protest rally was held in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo on the 6th, and a march in Osaka is scheduled on the 7th, and the organizers are calling for participation by taking measures such as wearing a mask. ..