Banksy submits work after death of black man in the United States June 7 8:43

Banksy, a masked artist known for his sharp social caricatures, began burning on the SNS with a portrait of a black figure and a candle on the 6th, as protest demonstrations spread throughout the United States following the death of a black man in the United States. I have posted a work that depicts a national flag and appealed for the elimination of racial discrimination.

Banksy is a masked artist known for his sharp social caricatures and posted a new work on his Instagram on the 6th.

In the work, flowers and candles are placed next to the portrait of a black figure, and the American flag above the portrait begins to burn in the candle's fire.

Banksey said in a message with the work, "At first I thought I should silently listen to the words of the black people, but this is not theirs. It's my own problem."

In addition, as an example of the problem of racism, while raising the situation that the water pipe on the upper floor of the apartment is broken and leaking water to the lower floor, it is the lower floor that corrects the social system where racism continues. The blacks affected are accusing all of the discrimination that it's not a job to do, but a white one above.