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For a moment, it seems that the teachings of Luther King or Nelson Mandela have fallen into the sack of oblivion. Recent racial unrest in the United States following the death of African-American George Floyd has once again put its finger on the sore.

The Minnesota prosecution has charged former police officer Derek Chauvin with the charges of second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter after kneeling in his neck. In addition, he filed charges of instigation and complicity against the other three former agents. LOC has contacted several Spanish characters who have experienced different racial episodes in the first person.

Aramis Fuster twice married black men: "And besides, a very famous person has been my lover. I am not a supporter of Trump, but I understand what is happening in the United States. There is no way for racial justice because people are not for the work. " Based in Malaga for 16 years, she clarifies when the ill-treatment of one of her husbands arises: "The same could have happened to me with a white man. Things come as they come."

That apparent certain halo of resignation is not shared by the actor Armando Buika, whose last name sounds like heavenly music because his sister is the singer Concha Buika, winner of a Latin Grammy, in addition to having been nominated five other times for the Latin Grammy and twice to the Grammy. Armando and his representative, Pilar Pardo, founded The Black View platform with a clear mission: "Everything that is happening we are experiencing with great pain because we are twinned by the color of the skin. But one thing is the Americans and another is the Afro-Spanish situation. We are not killed by the police on the street, we fight for visibility and to enter society as we are practically not considered at all. "

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The Buika were the first black family installed in Palma de Mallorca after fleeing the dictatorship of Teodoro Obiang in Equatorial Guinea. Armando remembers as if it were a science fiction movie what happened to him as a kid: "They even touched my skin to see if it stained." He fights fiercely to eliminate the clichés of our country, but he wants to make clear a theme: "We are very angry that our fight is mimicked with that of the Americans. One thing is the deaths at sea to achieve a dream, the regularization of temporary immigrants, the issue of manteros or the struggle of racialized Spaniards trying to get more job opportunities ".

Historic amnesia prevents Luther King's ideals of peaceful revolts from being realized. Raquel Mosquera ignored LOC calls and Rossy de Palma commented: "I am very careful about the comments made in the newspapers because they come out very expensive later. It does not compensate. That is why I manifest myself in the first person on Instagram." The actress is a single mother of two mongrel children, her last known partner is Koffy, black and supports Open Arms and the African Film Festival (FCat).

María Arenales, former senator for the Popular Party, considers that: "A good breeding ground that is very bad for populisms is the lack of values and ethics. I am referring to a job well done, the search for excellence or respect for difference. We should not seek that we are all equal. We have to be able to generate opportunities. " For a moment, the former politician forgets about the fight that exists in Hollywood for the black race or the Native Americans to have much more screen share and in roles without social stigma. An issue that Armando fights for as a professional: "When I went to some castings they told me to put on a black accent. 'And how is that accent?'" The Majorcan replied. Arenales married Arthur, a black New Yorker dedicated to finance. Unfortunately, she became a widow a few years ago. After living between Spain and New York, the former politician assures that what is happening "is not a thing of whites against blacks because if there is a country that has better integrated immigration, it is the United States, since the rules are for everyone." She is tired of being generalized because Chauvin "is a white man, as he could have been a redhead, who was already convicted of police abuse ...". In 2014, ABC titled: "I married a very black man and I didn't realize it until he got to Barajas." You might think that Arenales' marriage was orchestrated in the distance as in medieval times, but clarifies this point: "It was a way of saying it because in New York I did not notice if it was black, white or yellow. But when she We formed a team. He always said to me: "You, me and nobody else".

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