If there is one thing we learned this year, it is that wearing formal clothes while working from home is overrated. Why are you wearing work clothes at a time when you can sit in front of your computer while you are wearing sleepwear?

In an article published by the American "Pure War" website, the author, Lindsay Champaign, conveyed the opinion of the psychologist and executive director of the "Newport" Institute, Jennifer Dragonit, about whether wearing sleepwear affects our brains and our psyche.

Less productive

We all spent time working around lounging around the house in pajamas. But can choosing this type of clothing prevent you from doing all the tasks assigned to you at work?

"What many may consider unimportant can actually diminish your enthusiasm and your productivity," says Dragonet. "The body connects this type of clothing to bedtime or rest." By wearing comfortable clothes, your brain may start to feel lazy. If you work from home, you should make sure to separate your career and home life.

"It is ideal for you to have a dedicated workspace, and it is also important not to let work penetrate into your home life. Therefore, changing clothes can help you define a psychological indicator between your own time and work time," added Dragonit.

Changing clothes helps you define a psychological indicator between your own time and working time (Getty Images)

You may lose your self-worth

What if you went to the opera in sports pants, at a time when everyone around you was wearing dresses and uniforms? You will probably stay still and feel like a fool and a stranger between them. This example shows how wearing thoughtful clothes can help change the way you look at yourself and your hair throughout the day.

According to research conducted by Professor Karen Payne of the University of Hertfordshire in England, participants emphasized that their clothes affect their psyche, saying that if they wear casual clothes, they feel comfortable, but if they wear clothes to attend a meeting or special occasion, this can change the way they walk With them and control themselves. "

"You don't have to wear a jacket or high-heeled shoes before making a video call with your boss on the Zoom app, as you can wear a stylish shirt with buttons and put your favorite collar on. This will send a message to your mind and body that you intend to improve your work, which in turn may affect your work," she said. For your self-respect. "

Wearing sleepwear all the time may make you lose your self-esteem (Getty Images).

It might make work less fun

According to a study reported by Dragonit, wearing more beautiful clothes may actually change our feelings about our jobs, explaining that "people feel more reliable, trustworthy, and more efficient when wearing formal work clothes, and are more friendly with people when wearing casual or casual clothes."

It may affect your sleep

The specialist dragonite believes that "wearing sleepwear all day and not sticking to our regular work schedules can cause an imbalance in our internal biological clock and lead to sleep problems, as well as low energy and moods," and says that "all of these symptoms can lead to our exposure to problems In future mental health. "

It may make you lazy

The writer indicated that there is a time and place dedicated to wearing pajamas, and if you yearn for a day when you do nothing but lie on the sofa and watch TV, do so.

"Staying in pajamas can make us feel lazy, but as with all things, moderation is the solution, and it may be a day when we do nothing that is exactly what we need from time to time," says Dragonet.