A lawyer and adviser to the Lincoln Project (an American political committee formed by prominent Republicans at the end of 2019 aimed at preventing Donald Trump's re-election in 2020) commented that "just as crises can provide an individual's personality test, they do so especially with presidents, and now we stand burdened by watching a president It fails to test it disastrously, and the nation suffers the consequences. "

George T Conway - in his article in The Washington Post - said that President Trump - until three months ago - had never faced a serious crisis, but now he faces two and fails, and they are the Corona Virus pandemic and its economic devastation, and now the social unrest and riots caused by George Floyd is killed by the Minneapolis Police.

Conway believes that Trump lacks humanity, that he had no idea how to deal with any of the two crises, and that he responded to protests against police brutality by making things worse, and in facing the circumstances that called for calls for calm and restraint, he responded with sadistic calls for more violence, complaining of "Bandits", "shoot at looters" and celebrate "hegemony" and "overwhelming force".

In his tweet about "law and order" and "anarchists", ignoring the distinction between peaceful and oppressed citizens and the few few rogue entrapped between them; Trump described the state governors in a "weak" phone call, berating them not to put more oil on the fire. This is what his administration did when he used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators to make way for him for a memorial photo in front of a church in Lafayette Square, and in his hand a gospel borrowed from one of them.

The author also criticized his position on the Corona crisis that swept the country, as the response to this pandemic was in urgent need of a leader with competence and a conscious understanding of his basic human orientation, but instead Trump began to deny, lies, and delusions that cases drop to zero, and the cause of the fatal disease will miraculously disappear.

Conway elaborated on Trump's negative actions that lack humanity, and concluded that much of his foolishness and inefficiency stems from these exceptions from his exceptional narcissism and his emotional limitations.

He summarized his behavior as unethical, and it shows a total disregard for the safety of others, a constant lack of responsibility, cruelty, irony, disrespect for other human beings, contempt for truth, honesty, standards, rules, and laws, and a complete inability to feel remorse or guilt.

The writer concluded his article that this is Trump's problem yesterday, today and tomorrow, and that it is "our problem also at the present time because we are still ruled by a man without a broken spirit and mind, and the damage will continue and will not stop until the voters finish this next November, and they look at their lives, their consciences, their humanity and casting With their vote for one of them.