Yesterday, the UAE government held a regular briefing in Abu Dhabi, to update the latest developments and cases related to the emerging corona virus in the country, during which the spokesperson for the Emirates government, Dr. Amna Al-Dahik Al-Shamsi, and the official spokesman for the health sector in the country, Dr. Farida Al-Hosani spoke.

Dr. Amna Al Shamsi stressed that the number of examinations in the country is one of the highest in the world, as health authorities carried out more than 2.5 million tests for Coffed disease 19 in all emirates of the country, after conducting 52 thousand and 996 new tests, which contributed to the detection of 626 new cases of disease As a delegation of 19, this brings the total number of cases registered in the country to 38,268, including those receiving treatment, recovering, and deaths.

She emphasized that the UAE government continues to make efforts to protect citizens and residents and maintain their health, and the adoption of a series of decisions to alleviate the repercussions of the crisis on the core sectors, which was reflected through the concerted national efforts from the first day at all levels to contain them, and a proactive approach to address the virus and expand the scope of tests At the state level.

And announced that the number of healing cases in the country rose to 21 thousand and 61 cases after the recovery of 724 new cases, all of whom were discharged from hospitals, and returned to their families and loved ones.

It also announced the death of a person with Covid's disease 19, bringing the number of deaths recorded in the state to 275 cases.

The number of new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country, which is still receiving treatment, amounts to 16,932 cases.

Al-Shamsi touched on false rumors and news, and its role in creating a kind of fear and anxiety exaggerated by the public, which threatens the safety and stability of any society in the world.

She pointed to the monitoring of false news that many circulate on social media, in addition to video clips that include instructions and advice from non-specialists, and their predictions about the disease and its decline in the state, prestigious to members of society to be official sources and news issued by the relevant government institutions is the only reference to follow the developments of a disease Coved 19 in the country, always check the news sources before circulation.

For her part, Dr. Farida Al Hosani talked during the briefing about the gradual return to normal life and doing business, which will not bear fruit without community cooperation and awareness, and the adoption of a new lifestyle based on the continuation of precautionary measures in public facilities, workplaces, and others. "With the easing of restrictions on some sectors and activities, everyone remains responsible for himself and those around him," she said, adding that "continuing to be cautious and cautious remains a key factor in the exceptional circumstances in which we live."

She answered questions from the media and through social media, one of which was about the possibility of the home nursing service and the nurse’s transmission among more than one patient in the transmission of the new corona virus. She said that the groups working in home nursing services are a priority, especially as they deal with groups that are dear to us, such as the elderly or those with determination, stressing the generalization of health centers to conduct a periodic examination of home nursing workers, and to ensure that there are no symptoms for them before the start of visits.

She also pointed out the need for families that benefit from home nursing services not to change nurses periodically, and to perform investigations as a benefit to the elderly and those of determination, 19 especially that services have been provided to conduct them in homes.

In answering another question, she confirmed that any case of Covid 19 disease will be discharged from the hospital only after it has recovered and is free of symptoms.

She added that some of the novelties in scientific studies in this regard indicate that the period of infection of the disease begins two days before the onset of symptoms on the patient, and extends up to eight days maximum after the onset of symptoms, and thus the person is not contagious after this period.

She said that it has not been scientifically proven that there are any damages or side effects from wearing masks, or that they may lead to suffocation or lack of oxygen.

She talked about a number of things to consider when wearing masks, such as using the muzzle once, unless it was intended for use more than once, and to ensure the cleanliness and washing of masks of frequent use, and to replace them if they are worn for long periods, and to ensure that the masks are appropriate, comfortable and do not require Touch it repeatedly.

She mentioned that cases with Covid 19, without symptoms, should not be hospitalized or placed under medical observation, where they are usually transferred to health isolation facilities, or directed to home isolation.

She emphasized the need for people with respiratory symptoms to go to the hospital or the nearest medical center, especially shortness of breath that requires immediate intervention and deal with it quickly.

She also advised people most at risk of complications from the disease, such as the elderly or those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and others, to go to the hospital in case they are suspected of having any symptoms or any symptoms on them even if they are simple, as their cases require early intervention to avoid any complications.


One million Corona examinations conducted by the country's health authorities, registering one of the highest percentages globally.

Status updates

Total recorded cases 38 thousand and 268 cases.

The death of one of the people infected with Coved 19, bringing the number of deaths recorded in the country to 275 people.

■ The number of cases of Covid disease 19, which is still receiving treatment in the state, is 16 thousand and 932 cases.

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