The U.S. Youtuber couple, who gained popularity by revealing the process of adopting autistic children, recently confessed to having a child. 

Foreign news sources, including the NBC in the United States, reported on Tuesday that local authorities in Delaware were also involved in the investigation, as criticism of the Maika and James Stawfer couples increased.

On the 26th of last month, the Starwoofers couple announced that they were sending a Chinese autistic child who was adopted in China to another family in a video called ``What's New in My Family''. Her husband James cried, saying, "I don't know how much my wife tried to help her." My wife, Mika, cried, saying, "I know that I've failed as a mother. We still love her so much."

In response, Maika complained, "I only heard that there was a problem with the brain. But the child was much sicker than I thought." Many."
However, netizens who have watched the couple's video for a long time refuted. In January 2017, 10 months before adopting a child, Maika said in a video, "The doctor said raising this child would be really difficult and burdensome. He also said there may be an unexplained health problem. The doctor tried to prevent adoption." I even felt like saying, "I re-examined the truth."

In fact, in the 2017 video, Mr. Maika said, "I heard the doctor's story with one ear and shed it with one ear. We are ready to love whatever the condition of the child is."
In spite of the contradictory attitudes of the couple, the netizens criticized, "I thought I was a sick child, but I didn't know that I was sick.", "If I was a child, I would never give up." Delaware local authorities said in an official statement that "our priority is to keep our children stable." We will investigate whether the child is living safely with the help he needs in his new home.

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