The State Security Service in Dubai arrested a very dangerous criminal named Amir Faten Makki, (Dane), and he is considered one of the most dangerous international organized gangs active in several criminal areas, such as murder, drug trafficking and money laundering, in a new security achievement for the Emirate of Dubai, and in a process Quality was done last Wednesday evening.

A security official in Dubai stated that Amir Makki is among those on the lists of "Interpol", being wanted for murder, and was of great interest by the Spanish and European media in general, due to his multiple brutal crimes, and despite the follow-up and extensive security prosecutions of him. In Europe, none of his attempts to arrest him were successful, explaining that Makki visited the country using multiple passports.

Media reports revealed that Prince Makki, 22, leads one of the most dangerous gangs in Europe, and the last operations carried out by those gangs were the liquidation of a man who was accompanied by his wife and young child in front of his luxurious home in the south of the British capital London, as part of a fierce gang war in Europe And after that, Maki managed to escape from a chase carried out by more than 120 security personnel specialized in the Spanish police during 2018, and then disappeared completely until he was arrested in Dubai.

The official of the State Security Service in Dubai said that after carrying out elaborate secret intelligence and field operations that took place in exceptional circumstances as a result of restricting movement in Dubai as part of efforts to combat the "Covid-19" virus, and the intensive measures that followed, security teams were able to monitor a person and put him Suspected, until his identity has been verified and confirmed to be Amir of Mecca.

The security official added that the necessary measures were taken and a legal team was formed in cooperation with the Public Prosecution in Dubai and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to issue legal permits to arrest him and hand him over to the competent judicial authority.

He pointed out that in a high-speed, highly professional security operation, the residence of Emir Makki, was raided midnight last Wednesday in a Dubai neighborhood, where he was arrested, and is currently being investigated in preparation for his handover to the request.

The official emphasized that the people of the homeland who watched over his security and safety did not and would not allow any criminal elements, regardless of their gravity or the degree of mastery in disguise, to escape from the grip of the law, and they did not and would not tolerate tracking anyone who begged himself to commit acts criminalized by law, and that the security services in The UAE continues to strengthen the close cooperation ties it brings with various security agencies around the world in order to join efforts in monitoring and tracing criminal elements and organizations, to arrest them and present them to the competent judicial authorities to obtain a just sanction in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Meanwhile, Emirates Today investigated the most important information about the accused Amir Makki, and European media revealed that he was leading an international gang named "Los Suijos" that carried out a series of murders and intimidation, the latest of which was the assassination of a Swedish man called Flamir Bakiri, who was 36 years old when he was With his wife and son, in front of his luxurious house, which is priced at 1.7 million pounds, on the eve of the New Year's celebrations on December 24th.

European guerrilla war

The British police opened "Metropolitan" an extensive investigation into the involvement of the gang led by Amir Makki in the assassination of Flamir Bakiri in the framework of a European guerrilla war, and linked that gang with assassinations, bombings and kidnappings, pointing out that Makki managed to escape major prosecution by the Spanish police carried out by more than 120 professional policemen have completely disappeared since November 2018, after being shot in the leg.

The Spanish police and European security services classified Makki as a very dangerous criminal, and issued a warrant through Interpol to pursue him, but he was unable to escape the grip of the security services in Dubai.

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A Spanish security officer who chased Maki managed to escape from them in 2018.

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