China News Network Changzhi, June 5th (Wu Qiong, Cui Xiang, Song Lu) A few days ago, the first campus eco-environmental science popularization experience hall in Shanxi was built and put into use in Shangnan Street Primary School, Luzhou District, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. June 5 is World Environment Day. On the same day, students from Shangnanjie Primary School used waste carton, plastic bags, newspapers, and woven bags to make eco-friendly clothing. "Avatar" shows the charm of eco-friendly clothing for Sailor Moon, Scarecrow, Robot, etc.

The students are showing the environmental protection works they made by themselves. Photo by Feng Jiawei 

  It is understood that the eco-environmental science experience museum covers an area of ​​more than 500 square meters and is divided into 4 areas: environmental knowledge promotion area, game interactive experience area, turning waste into treasure production area, and environmental protection work display area. Through multimedia videos, publicity pages, and environmental protection knowledge windows, we will introduce the origin and development of environmental problems, highlighting the daily generation of household garbage on the planet and the harm caused by domestic garbage to nature. By understanding these environmental protection knowledge, visitors will think "Why waste should be classified", to further popularize ecological and environmental protection knowledge, educate students to establish environmental protection awareness and ecological civilization concept from an early age.

The picture shows the interior view of Shangnanjie Primary School's Eco-Environmental Protection Science Experience Center. Photo by Feng Jiawei 

  In the game experience area, Li Zhekai from the sixth grade of the fifth grade of Shangnan Street Primary School served as a little "narrator" to explain the rules of garbage classification electronic games to the students who came to the experience. Students can learn more about environmental protection in the game through the interactive experience of video games.

The students are making environmental protection works. Photo by Feng Jiawei 

  Turning waste into treasure making area is an area where students use waste products in their lives to make environmentally friendly handicrafts. Here, cans, plastic bottles, waste cartons and other items that are often discarded in life are turned into treasures and become exquisite hand-made artworks under the students' dexterous hands.

  At present, the Eco-Environmental Science Experience Center of Shangnan Street Primary School in Luzhou District is being further improved. As the epidemic prevention and control situation gradually improves, it will be opened to the whole society for free. At the same time, relying on the school, the experience hall is striving to build a national-level environmental education demonstration base. (Finish)