• Scandal: Prince Joaquin of Belgium, with Covid-19 at a party in Córdoba, skipping quarantine
  • Relationships.Religious and fashion lover, this is the Cordovan girlfriend of Prince Joaquin of Belgium
  • Reactions: Joaquin from Belgium apologizes after admitting that he did not keep the quarantine for coronavirus during his trip to Spain

Joaquín from Belgium lives his bitter hours. He recovers from the symptoms of the coronavirus and sees how the international press has railed against him for his irresponsible attitude. The scandal that has starred in skipping the state of alarm in Spain has been the subject of a great political dust in Brussels in recent days , which has forced the Belgian Prime Minister, Sophie Wilmès, to have to get out of trouble , stressing that the prince has already apologized for his behavior. But, at least, in the midst of so much disgust, the aristocrat received a news this Friday with relief .

The investigation by the National Police Corps has concluded that 27 people did not gather at a Hornachuelos estate to participate in the controversial party attended by Prince Joaquin of Belgium shortly before testing positive for a coronavirus test. According to ABC , two events would have been held : one in this place, owned by the family of Cordovan Victoria Ortiz, girlfriend of the Belgian aristocrat, where on Monday, May 25, 12 people would have participated in a ceremony to welcome them to Spain to the nobleman and celebrate the birthday of his fiancée; and another in a house in Córdoba, the next day, which would have gathered about 15 people. In this case, it seems that it would have been more complicated to determine the exact figure.

Despite the first police inquiries and the information released last weekend, the legal representative of Prince Joaquín has always supported this version. Because it is important? Because the Andalusian provinces are in phase 2 of the de-escalation, in full alarm, and only meetings with a maximum of 15 people are allowed . Both the environment of the nephew of King Felipe of the Belgians and the lawyers of his girlfriend's family have tried at all times to demonstrate that this rule had not been breached, which would have brought fines of various amounts to those attending the party, in in the event that the allowed number has been exceeded.

If this investigation is confirmed, it would be a minimum oxygen balloon for Prince Joaquin of Belgium, in the eye of the hurricane since it became known that he has violated the state of alarm in our country. And on the part of its environment it is logical to try to put the accent on this question, which, however, in no way cleanses the image of the aristocrat or detracts one iota from its irresponsibility. Both in Spain and in Belgium, where the matter has raised a strong media and political dust, the important thing is that the prince has been able to skip the bullfighting both the rules of his country and ours, when because of who he is-nothing less than the tenth in the succession line to the Belgian throne, with treatment of Royal Highness - he should be extremely cautious in his behavior and try to be exemplary.

For now, the Minister of Health and Families of the Andalusian Government, Jesús Aguirre, has reported this Friday that one of the party's attendees would also have tested positive for Covid-19. Recall that the Andalusian Ministry, after learning of the scandal, had to carry out an epidemiological investigation and quarantined the prince and the 26 people who were with him.

There are not a few questions on which the prince must answer. To start with, in their own country they wonder how she was able to leave Belgium, when the Central European country's National Security Council prohibits all non-essential travel until June 7 inclusive. The Belgian Embassy in Spain also specifies that tourist trips to our country are not yet possible. The Belgian Royal House itself came to the fore last weekend trying to silence the criticism saying that Joaquín was traveling to Spain to do a job internship at a company in Andalusia. However, it is still not known what company that is, what practices it will carry out and why it was so urgent to start them the first week of June, when he has spent two months confined by the coronavirus with his parents in Villa Schonenberg, on the Stuyvenberg estate. , in Laeken (Belgium). Few have believed the version of the Royal Palace, which has left King Felipe himself in a compromised situation.

According to information advanced by the newspaper Le Capitale , "the real reason for the trip was to surprise his girlfriend Victoria, who celebrated her 30th birthday on May 25." The aristocrat and the Cordovan have been in a relationship for six years.

And, for this, Joaquín from Belgium did not hesitate to skip the rules of the Spanish Government on the state of alarm, which oblige anyone who enters Spain to remain two weeks confined, in quarantine, as a precautionary measure, which he does not did. To meet his girlfriend, Joaquín would have taken two flights. The first, from Brussels to Frankfurt and the second, from Frankfurt to Madrid. From the Spanish capital, he drove to Córdoba.

Last Sunday, the prince acknowledged "not having respected all quarantine measures" during his trip to Spain and asked for "apologies" for it, in a letter that he sent to the EFE agency through his spokesman in Córdoba, the lawyer Mariano Aguayo Fernández de Córdova.

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