Broken statue of liberty in a looted souvenir shop, Manhattan / New York © Johannes Eisele / AFP / Getty Images

After the death of black American George Floyd in a brutal police operation, thousands take to the streets every day in the United States. Shops are looted, police officers attacked, protesters and journalists injured. President Trump threatens a military operation.

We talk about the unrest and a deeply divided country with the US correspondent of the ZEIT, Kerstin Kohlenberg, who has lived in New York for six years. Helicopters have been circling their Brooklyn apartment for the past few days, and Washington has also put a night curfew on Washington.

We ask: where does this escalation come from right now? What role do racism and inequality play in a country that has been suppressing the consequences of slavery for four hundred years? And how will the unrest affect the autumn elections and politics? 

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