• Economy. Montilla will charge Enagás while it costs 400,000 euros to the public treasury
  • Economy. 'The Ministry of Enagás': half of its council was high public office

I encircle José Montilla so that he renounces all his privileges as a former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia after his transfer to Enagás . The political forces with representation in the Catalan Parliament have formally demanded the appearance of the socialist in the Catalan Chamber to justify the "compatibility of maintaining a dedication in the private sector and the benefits as a former president ".

Citizens, JxCat, ERC and the CUP have registered requests to push Montilla to offer explanations and the PP will support the request for training chaired by Inés Arrimadas . After becoming public on the board of directors of the gas company -which will bring him a salary of 160,000 euros per year plus supplements-, Montilla announced that he was giving up his life pension as a former president , which amounts to about 88,000 euros a year.

A resignation to which, in reality, it is obliged, because the statute law of the ex-presidents of the Generalitat - approved by Jordi Pujol in 2003 - declares "incompatible" the "participation in boards of directors of public or private companies" with the perception of the "life pension" to which Montilla was entitled after turning 65 and which was equivalent to 60% of his salary as head of the Catalan Executive.

The lifetime pension

However, as EL MUNDO revealed last Friday, the socialist intends to maintain his office as former president of the Generalitat, whose operation has a cost to the treasury of 399,266 euros a year. Unlike what happens with the life pension, the Catalan legislation does not declare the maintenance of this office incompatible with the entrance in a board of directors and that Montilla holds to keep it running.

“I have never used nor will I use public media and spaces for private activities. Those who say the opposite are lying », Montilla has limited himself to expressing himself through social networks, after the stir caused by his desire to keep his former president's office active. With this statement, the socialist only undertakes not to carry out his work as Enagás director from the office paid for by the Generalitat, but not to renounce its continued operation, as, for example, Jordi Pujol did after revealing that defrauded almost 900,000 euros in Andorra.

Legal incompatibilities

The offensive of the Catalan political forces against the practices of Montilla has two sides. On the one hand, they want to force him to appear in the Parliament - something that he could refuse, but that would be hardly justifiable for a former president of the Generalitat - and invite him to renounce all his prerogatives as former president voluntarily.

But, in parallel, Cs has registered a law proposal to eliminate all the privileges of the heads of the Catalan Executive who no longer hold the position when considering them "immoral" in the context of the health crisis.

The commons propose a more surgical action, which would allow the offices of the rest of the former presidents of the Generalitat to be maintained, but not that of Montilla. To do this, they propose introducing into legislation that the maintenance of the former president's office is incompatible with work in the private sphere.

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