New Corona measures for refusing foreigners to enter 18 countries such as Cuba June 5 17:36

As a measure against the borderline of the new coronavirus, Foreign Minister Mogi has announced that he will add 18 countries such as Cuba to the measures for refusing entry of foreigners.

The objects of refusal of immigration spread to 129 countries and regions.

As a measure against the border of the new coronavirus, the government took measures to refuse entry of foreigners in 111 countries and regions such as the United States, Brazil, Russia, and recommended to stop traveling "infectious disease risk information" for Japanese people We are raising to "level 3" to do.

Foreign Minister Mogi announced at a press conference on May 5 that he has raised the "infectious disease risk information" to "Level 3" for 18 countries such as Cuba and Lebanon.

He also stated that he would reject foreigners from these countries and said, "I would like to take action at the right time."

This extends the refusal of immigration to 129 countries and territories.

On the other hand, regarding the easing of the entry refusal measures which the government is considering in four countries such as Thailand and Australia, Minister Mogi said, ``How to balance the measures against infectious diseases and the resumption of economic activities is extremely important. It is necessary to take appropriate countermeasures against infectious diseases, and we are considering appropriate measures, including PCR tests and the problems of isolation and waiting after entry into the country."