China News Service, June 5th, according to the Associated Press, on the 4th local time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel denied that she might seek a fifth re-election.

Data map: German Chancellor Angela Merkel. China News Service reporter Peng Dawei

  According to reports, Merkel had promised in 2018 that he would resign after the end of the current term, but since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, thanks to its good response to the public health crisis, the center-right alliance led by Merkel The support rate of the polls has been rising.

  In May, German Minister of the Interior Zehofer said that he had recently heard frequent discussions about Merkel’s fifth term. However, Merkel refuted this claim in an interview with the German ZDF TV channel on June 4, and said that he would not run again.

  Merkel served as the German Chancellor for the first time in November 2005, and was re-elected three times in October 2009, December 2013, and March 2018. This term will end in 2021.