At the end of March, intensive care nurse Anne Rosendahl wrote a noted Facebook post in which she appealed to the public to stay home to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Two months later, she once again takes to social media to spread the message: Follow the restrictions.

“You have to listen! You have to take this seriously - continue and for a long time. It goes in the wrong direction, "she writes.

At most, 26 patients were covid intensive care patients at the Academic Hospital, on April 18, a week after the end of the Easter holiday. One month later, on May 14, 9 patients were treated with covid-19 intensive care. The lowest number so far.

But then it turned up again - and the number of patients doubled. This week, between 17 and 19 covid patients have been treated intensively daily.

A consequence of the vacations, says Anne Rosendahl.

“Our intensive care patients have doubled in two weeks. Now we see the consequences of people's behavior during the Ascension weekend. ”

She notes that the public had previously been able to comply with the restrictions, and that this led to fewer "regular" IVA patients. But now she fears increased pressure on intensive care due to "regular summer cases" such as traffic accidents and drowning incidents.

“Now the covid falls are rising because people are no longer able to cope - and then the usual summer falls will increase as well. "

Another concern is that the holiday that has just been granted will not be lost.

“I fully understand that everyone is getting tired of following social distance guidelines. But how do you think we feel? ”.

In conclusion, Anna Rosendahl writes:

“Not following the restrictions, not believing that your actions play a role, it is disrespectful to everyone who is fighting for their life in covid, it is disrespectful to us who are struggling with these patients. It may be you or your loved ones who tomorrow need intensive care, due to covid or other. "