The distance between Shandong Peninsula and Taean, Chungnam, between the West Sea is about 370 km. This path has become a gateway into the Chinese. The boat used to enter the country was confirmed in Taean, Chungnam for three consecutive months, and as a result of investigating the route of the boat that was discovered last month, our West Sea surveillance network was literally but mana. Coastal radars, combined surveillance cameras, and thermal surveillance equipment were passed 13 times in triple surveillance.

Reporter Hak-Woo Kim covered how this could be done.

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past month and a half, three boats were found in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do.

Five boats were found in April, and eight were on boats in May, and six have been caught to date.
The boat discovered yesterday (4th) is now in the beginning of the investigation.

Haekyung released an interim finding that Chinese people who had been deported were smuggled.

[Lee, Inspector/ Central Regional Maritime Police Agency Public Relations Section: (in Korea) There is a force that has been forcibly evicted. It has been reported that in China, people committed smuggling for illegal employment due to high living.] In

April, it was reported that the boat was paid 2.6 million won per person and the boat discovered last month was paid 1.73 million won.

For these Chinese smugglers crossing the West Sea at will by a boat, our West Sea watchdog was a hole.In a joint survey, the boats that were smuggled last month were captured 13 times by radars, multiple surveillance cameras, and thermal surveillance equipment, the military's triple surveillance network, but no action was taken.

A joint official said, "When new targets appear, we need to check them. There is a mistake that we haven't tracked and watched overlooked with ordinary things like fishing boats."

The military pledged to strengthen the search and reconnaissance through drones, drones, etc., and issued disciplinary measures for related personnel such as the division commander.

(Video coverage: Hwang Yun-sung TJB, Video editing: Lee Seung-jin)