Driving a vehicle that has been taken out of service becomes expensive, especially with the possible vehicle tax and increased insurance premiums paid retroactively.

Penalty charges are calculated for the entire period during which the vehicle has been taken out of service, even if the vehicle has been driven without permission for only one day.

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When a vehicle that has been taken out of service has been driven despite a ban on use, the insurance premiums are reimbursed in multiples.

Payment consequences arise regardless of whether the motor insurance has been terminated or subscribed for a so-called passive depreciation period.

If the vehicle's motor insurance has been terminated in its entirety, the negligence fee will be charged by the Traffic Insurance Center.

- Many people do not know that the motor insurance default premium is not calculated on the basis of the price of motor insurance for their own vehicle, but uses so-called risk calculations. No matter how good the bonuses, they do not affect the price of negligence, warns Vesa Korhonen, the collection manager of the Finnish Transport Insurance Center.

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In the event of an accident, you will not receive compensation for your own personal injuries if the motor insurance is not taken out.

In the online services of insurance companies, it is possible to handle other vehicle matters in addition to insurance, regardless of time and place. The vehicle can be reported online free of charge and quickly returned for traffic use.

The change of ownership registration can also be done in the insurance company's online service.

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- A large part registers the vehicle separately, for example by visiting an inspection station or doing business with Traficom's services after first taking out motor insurance for the vehicle. However, it is worth noting that nowadays, in the services of all insurance companies, it is also possible to take care of vehicle registration while taking care of motor insurance, suggests Lauri Linna, Insurance Manager at Liikennevakuutuskeskus.