Berlin (dpa) - Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has called on the German auto industry to speed up electromobility.

Products with alternative drives would have to hit the streets in a “mass-effective” manner, said Scheuer on Friday in Berlin. Business also had a task, it could not just call for the state and politics.

The reduction in VAT decided by the coalition leaders is a “real offer” to the industry. In addition, there are programs in the economic stimulus package to promote the renewal of fleets, for example by craftsmen. There should also be another boost when expanding the charging network for electric cars.

The leaders of Union and SPD had agreed to increase purchase premiums for electric cars - but there are no premiums vehemently demanded by the automotive industry when buying new cars with combustion engines. The SPD leadership in particular was against it. Scheuer had actually campaigned for such a combustion premium. However, he now referred to the planned reduction in VAT.

The demand for cars collapsed in the corona crisis. The car industry had been disappointed that there were no bonuses for buying new petrol and diesel cars. The demand for electric cars has recently increased, but the number of new registrations is still at a low level.