According to Bloomberg Agency, Kuwait is leading new mediation efforts to resolve the Gulf crisis, according to a proposal submitted by the US administration, which stipulates that Saudi Arabia and the UAE lift the air embargo imposed on Qatar Airways flights.

The opening of Emirati and Saudi airspace to Qatar Airways is primarily an American proposal - according to Bloomberg - and it was put forward several months ago, but Kuwait is working on reaching it now in the form of a Saudi-Qatari agreement.

The agency quoted the Wall Street Journal that US President Donald Trump personally pressured Saudi leaders to end air restrictions imposed on Qatar, after US efforts to reach a comprehensive agreement on the siege crisis failed.

Slim chances of success
and reduce Bloomberg 's success of these opportunities efforts, noting that Saudi does not continue to direct country since the collapse of the talks between the two sides late last year.

The Wall Street Journal said the breakdown of diplomacy in recent weeks was due to a clear disinformation campaign in early May that published false allegations of a coup attempt in Doha. Rumors of the coup were amplified by influential Saudi figures, which fueled the perception that Riyadh orchestrated the campaign to undermine Doha.

Today marks the third anniversary of the blockade imposed on Qatar by three Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain) and Egypt, where the blockade started after the penetration of the Qatar News Agency and the publication of fabricated statements attributed to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar.

Doha says the blockade imposed on it is continuing and continuing with illegal practices, despite the deafening of allegations made by the blockading countries.

The Qatari economy has become stronger 
and Anatolia published today that Qatar's economy is ending the year of the third blockade with more force, and the Qataris considered this blockade an opportunity to rebuild the local economy at the commercial, monetary, agricultural and living levels.

The agency noted that the value of Qatari assets amounted to $ 55.7 billion until the end of last April, and the total deposits of commercial banks for the public and private sectors up to the end of the same month increased by 14.2% to $ 241.5 billion, compared to 211.5 billion in June 2017.

In the same direction, Qatar's investments in US bonds and notes jumped from $ 505 million in June 2017, to settle at $ 5.1 billion at the end of January 2020.