Police in Western Uusimaa are asking for clues about an incident last week in Oittaa where a man riding a bicycle beat a pedestrian.

The victim woman walked the equestrian trail in Oittaa on May 26 at about 6:40 p.m. He had pointed out to the cyclist that it was not allowed to ride a bicycle on a horseback riding trail. The cyclist steered his ride towards the woman, threw her bike aside, and tipped the woman by pushing her with both hands. The man had then left the scene by bike.

The riding trail is located in the area between the Oitta campsite and Kellonummi Cemetery in Oitta. The victim was injured in the situation and the matter is being investigated as an assault at the Länsi-Uusimaa Police Department, the police say.

Police are asking for observations of the perpetrator. He is about 180 inches tall, tanned, shouldered and muscular. Her hair was gray-brown, she was wearing a helmet, a blue jacket, and black pants. The man was riding a black fatbike-style mountain bike with remarkably wide tires. The man spoke Finnish.