At its best, summer clothing is one that, when worn, brings to mind happy and joyful moments from past summers.

In some cases, however, summer clothes can succumb to style moccasins. Top stylist Outi Broux listed common suits for summer wear.

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Choose classics!

So what kind of summer clothes should you find in your wardrobe to avoid the worst of dressing up?

Broux's own opinion is clear.

- Summer clothes should be classic clothes. Our summer is short and the summer vacation is even shorter, so there is limited use for summer clothes. For this reason, I recommend purchasing quality clothes for summer clothes.

Broux reminds that dressing in the same classic clothes from one summer to the next does not mean boring and one-sided outfits.

- Classics can be spiced up with trends with accessories, such as a fashionable bag or shoes, he suggests.

Bet on these tops

Broux raises the white t-shirt, white cotton blouse and striped shirt as the cornerstones of summer wear.

- The striped shirt gives a winter look to even black and straight trousers in winter.

34.90, €, Nanso.


€ 39.99, Eprit.


€ 79.95, Hugo / Zalando.


€ 19.99, Villa.


In addition, Broux hints at favoring linen at the tops.

- Linen blouses last for at least 20 years without becoming untrendy, as linen is a classic of materials.

€ 39.99, Ellos Plus collection.


149 €, Balmuir.


To make summer dresses last as wardrobe favorites for years, Broux has one tip.

- From the point of view of sustainable development, it is a good idea to have at least two summer dresses of your dreams.

Stylist's style tip for summer workwear

When it comes to bottoms, cotton side pants pockets are, in Broux’s opinion, fresh and summery choices for both men and women.

€ 39.99, Cubus.


- For men, bermuda shorts with side pockets are an classic. You should choose especially beige and light for a man's summer wardrobe, as they look especially stunning against the updated skin.

€ 49.95, Tom Tailor / Zalando.


63 €, Gap / Boozt.


Broux points out that these shorts are currently also a great option for women to wear summer clothes.

The style should also be utilized in summer work clothes.

- Currently, there are bermuda shorts available that are good for working in the summer, for example with high heels.

Shorts € 39.99, blazer € 59.99, Mango / Zalando.


Prefer colors!

Summer is an opportunity for Finns to dress a degree more spectacularly and revealing. However, tight dresses may not be the most comfortable option in hot weather.

- If you want to dress sexy, you can also wear loose-fitting clothes. Loose dressing doesn’t mean you couldn’t dress sexy or feminine at the same time. For example, the translucency of clothes, lace and ruffles bring sexy to the style.

Broux hopes that Finns would dare to recognize more color in the summer instead of eternal black clothes.

€ 59.99, Gina Tricot.


€ 69.99, Esprit / Stockmann.


- Especially when you want to pay, say, on the terrace of the opposite sex eyes, black is the last color, which you should dress. So use color!

The same goes for both women and men.

€ 39.95, Tommy Hilfiger / Zalando.


- Women love that a man is taken care of. For a man, the choice of shirt color is a man’s makeup that makes the skin and eyes shine, meaning the man should get to know which colors are right for him.