• The risks of the mystical ritual with poison from the Sonoran toad that Nacho Vidal used

«With the toad I have obtained the peace of my spirit. I recommend that everyone try it once in their life. ” Who spoke like this in 2017 was the controversial porn actor Nacho Vidal , openly commenting on his revealing experience "smoking toad". In other words, a strong hallucinogen known as the 'God molecule' and which comes from the glands of the so-called bufo alvarius toad. According to Vidal, it helped him overcome his addictions to alcohol and drugs. Three years later, however, this practice has led to the arrest of the also sex toy businessman, along with two other people, for an alleged crime of reckless manslaughter.

The three are now on provisional release, although investigated in the so-called Yurta operation for the death of a well-known fashion photographer in Valencia, José Luis Abad . When he died in the Valencian town of Enguera -where Vidal resides- in July 2019, it was assumed that it had been due to a heart attack.

However, now it has been known that his death occurred during a mystical ritual based on the inhalation of the poison fumes of the bufo alvarius toad , and that Vidal had organized precisely with other friends. According to the actor's lawyer, Daniel Salvador, from Vosseler Abogados, "this is an unfortunate accident and they are all very affected because there is a deceased." He assured that he will defend Vidal's innocence because the photographer's consumption of the drug was voluntary .

But, according to what EL MUNDO has learned from judicial sources, there is a video of the moment of the photographer's death , since he himself insisted on being recorded while taking the poison of the toad to have evidence of the trance. As a consumer of the substance, Vidal himself was aware of its effects, which could last for 20 minutes.

In a YouTube video, he described the alleged mystical moment in these words the first time he tried the substance: “Suddenly, I disconnected in a way that I don't know what happened to me. I stood still on the ground. There is no word to describe what happened ».

This would explain, according to the judicial sources consulted, that Nacho Vidal and his friends were slow to call an ambulance . Although he was dying for a long time, it was not until the group of friends realized that José Luis Abad was not breathing when they decided to ask for help.

In fact, the defense of Nacho Vidal will request a toxicological test from an expert in this type of drug, precisely to demonstrate that it is difficult for this substance to cause death by overdose . What's more, it is being studied to even ask for a report on the possible previous pathologies of the deceased photographer.

The version of the Civil Guard points to "a habitual activity for therapeutic or medicinal purposes that in itself posed a serious risk to public health, but was masked by what seemed to be an apparently harmless ancestral ritual." A ritual, in addition, that captured people "strongly suggested, under the special state of vulnerability or need to heal certain ailments or addictions."

Vidal comes to confess in the YouTube video that with the toad he felt he had the "Holy Grail" . "I wanted everyone to see it, everyone to open their eyes," he says. "I have been all my life with my eyes closed and suddenly I have smoked a toad and I have said: Damn, I have been missing this for 42 years of my life!" It defends its use because "it removes addictions, no coca, no alcohol, no sleeping pills, no coffee, no Coca-Cola, no sugar, no salt."

The Court of First Instance and Instruction 2 of Xàtiva decreed provisional release for the three detainees, despite the fact that they had already testified as witnesses when the events occurred.

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