Discrimination against the Lu Sheng DPP authorities is the main crime (Sun and Moon talks)

  Associate Professor of the Department of Biotechnology at Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, named Weiwei, a mainland student who was bullying the class in the class recently. Discriminatory language insulted the mainland, insulted the students, and insulted the name of "teacher", which caused Taiwan to lose an adult. What kind of soil can produce such a "teacher" with no standards and no shame? Just look at how the DPP authorities have defended him, and you will know the truth.

  The DPP authorities have so far refused to allow mainland students to return to Taiwan to study on the grounds of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic. Lu Sheng can only attend classes remotely via video. In front of Taiwanese students in the classroom, Zhaomingwei frequently shouted to the only Lu Sheng in the class, "They may eat more poisonous milk powder", "On the other side, yes! It is about you" "What bat do you like to eat?" "Mouse," "Wuhan pneumonia only killed more than 10,000 people. How could it be possible"... The desolation of evil deeds made the students shocked by their glasses, and also made the public opinion on the island say "How can there be such a teacher?" "?

  After mainland students complained to Zhongyuan University, Zhaomingwei was forced to apologize, but said that “as a Taiwanese professor in the Republic of China will not discriminate against anyone”, he not only did not apologize, but also took the opportunity to sneak into the concept of “Taiwan independence”. The school thought his apology was wrong and asked him to apologize again. Inviting him to slap him, he found the DPP "legislators" to support him, and countered that the school would not let him say "Republic of China." The MAC immediately jumped out to escort it, saying that colleges and universities "cannot arbitrarily interfere with freedom of lectures and academic freedom," and should not "self-dwarf damage to the dignity of the country". Taiwan’s education department also played a role in the transition, saying nothing about recruiting humiliating and bullying students, but saying that teachers “no need to apologize for declaring themselves as professors of the Republic of China” in the classroom.

  Zhao Mingwei deserves to have read a book, Virtue has a conscience and is at a loss, he is not lacking in mind, he thought about it when he apologized, and a fierce man pulled the problem from "teacher virtue" to unified "independence" and rose to the island. The issue of "dignity". Tsai Ing-wen has long promoted its "Taiwan independence" scheme with "Taiwan Republic of China" packaging. The DPP authorities are trying every means to incite "anti-China". Such a thoughtful "stroke" is coming. Of course, we must quickly catch up and work hard to cooperate. In the performance, any human justice, dignity of the teachers, courtesy and honesty are naturally "all tossable".

  Whenever the DPP says what it shouldn’t, it does what it shouldn’t, and it always loves to use "freedom" to defend itself. This time I painted the gourd like this, and took the "free" golden bell cover to cover the fame. But the DPP needs to make it clear that the so-called "freedom of lecture" is the freedom to discriminate and insult others indiscriminately? The so-called "academic freedom" is to casually spread rumors and defame the freedom of the mainland unfounded? Do not admit wrong things, but change the focus and steal the concept of "dignity", which is shameless behavior, how can you return to "dignity"? No wonder even Wang Shijian, the "legislator" of the Green Camp, can't stand it any longer. He called on Zhao Mingwei not to use the issue of national "independence" as a cover, "Yes are right, wrong is wrong, I think it's a shame for us Taiwanese." Wang Shijian was talking about fame, and the original words used to scold the DPP authorities were also intimate, and no word had to be changed.

  Mainland students who went to Taiwan to study in Taiwan came out of recognition of the quality of Taiwan’s education, and also had their longing for "the most beautiful scenery is people". Taiwanese society used to be proud of human kindness, but the DPP went the other way and forced a discriminatory policy of "three limits and six nos", which made Lu Sheng go to Taiwan to study for so many years and suffered unfair treatment. Since then, the DPP has not only accused Lu Sheng of "communism", but also constantly increased the confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. To the real world.

  Zhaomingwei publicly distributes discriminatory and offensive political speech in the classroom, which seriously violates academic ethics and professional ethics, and the facts are all there. The DPP authorities forcibly took the lead in "protecting the calves" only because of the defamation of Mingwei's epidemic prevention on the mainland, which is in line with the DPP's usual rhetoric. If it meets the festival. To put it bluntly, if there is no populist atmosphere created by the DPP and there is no DPP behind it, the recruits are really afraid to make themselves so ugly.

  From this point of view, the reason why the cross-strait educational exchanges and Lu Sheng's schooling environment in Taiwan is deteriorating is that the recruits are only accomplices, and the DPP is the "black umbrella" and the culprit behind it.

  Wang Ping