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  • Always fewer people in intensive care in France (1.210 against 1.501 last week). The balance remains negative, with 43 fewer patients over 24 hours. As for deaths, there were 81 more on Wednesday compared to the previous day, bringing the total to 29,021 dead since the start of the epidemic.
  • Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe meet this Thursday the trade unions and employers' organizations at the Elysée to work on solutions to the economic and social crisis linked to Covid-19.
  • WHO has announced the resumption of clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine. She had suspended them nine days ago following the publication of a study in the prestigious medical journal  The Lancet.

7:15 am: The last figures of the night

The Covid-19 epidemic killed 919 more than the previous day in the United States (107,000 in total). There are nearly 1,850,000 cases across the country. Brazil recorded 1,349 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, a new record for this South American country, the new epicenter of the epidemic.

In Mexico, the number of coronavirus deaths in 24 hours doubled on Wednesday and crossed the threshold of 1,000 for the first time, with 1,092 deaths recorded against 470 the previous day.

Hello all ! Welcome to a day that promises to be important in terms of employment. The highlight of this Thursday, June 4 will be the reception at the Elysee of the social partners. And even if you are surely disappointed not to go there, you can follow it here. And everything else too!

And for the news of the night, you have our previous live.

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