The Civitanova covid center


04 June 2020There is only one patient left at the Covid Center in Civitanova Marche, defined as the 'spaceship' with 12 million euros and 84 beds designed by Guido Bertolaso ​​on the model of the Milan Fair hospital.

The patient, who has a double negative swab, will be transferred to another facility tomorrow and the Covid Center will close at 8pm. An armed and fire surveillance will be activated for the facility built at the Civitanova Fair.

The "spaceship", for the realization of which private donations have been collected, has so far hosted a maximum of three patients. 

According to the daily update of the Gores, the regional operating group that coordinates the health emergency in the Marche, 57 patients overall hospitalized in the 'Covid-19' hospitals in the Marche region, 8 less than yesterday, while the number discharged or 4,447 rose healed, 9 more in the last 24 hours.

Intensive care 5 people are assisted (-3 compared to yesterday), 7 in the semi-intensive areas (-1), 20 in the non-intensive wards (+1) and 25 in the post-acute wards (-5); moreover, there are 91 guests in the other territorial structures of the region (-7). Compared to yesterday, there is an extra positive in home isolation (1,246), while the victims since the beginning of the crisis are 988.