After conducting nearly 10 million corona tests in the Chinese city of Wuhan, three hundred new corona patients have been identified, Chinese health authorities are announcing this week. However, because they show no symptoms, they are not recorded among the official number of corona patients.

China has a stricter definition of a COVID-19 patient and only reports those who actually show symptoms of the disease. Partly because of this, the country has far fewer confirmed cases than other world powers: 'only' 84,000.

The massive testing operation in Wuhan was launched in mid-May after a new cluster of infections came to light. One million inhabitants have not yet been tested by authorities, who took some throat or nose mucus from other inhabitants.

The immediate environment was investigated in the identified corona patients who did carry the virus. Objects such as door handles, telephones, mouth masks and toothbrushes do not show any traces of the virus, so the chance of spread has been small, according to local health authorities.

Test surgery cost 112 million euros

The test operation involves an amount of 900 million yuan, or 112 million euros, writes news agency Reuters.

Hubei Province, which includes Wuhan, "is the worst affected region of China on paper. Nearly 70,000 of the total 84,000 infections were observed. Some 4,500 people were killed.