The body found on Thursday morning at the beach of Scheveningen belongs to the 23-year-old surfer who died in mid-May. On that day, a total of five water sports enthusiasts died in the sea at the South Holland coastal town.

The police announced on Thursday evening that the victim's family was notified.

Two walkers saw the body between the rocks at the Noordelijk Havenhoofd around 10.40 am and immediately warned the police. Emergency services then salvaged the body.

The identity of the deceased person was not immediately known, but the police did report that it may have been the missing surfer. Identification confirmed this suspicion later today.

Emergency services frequently searched for a missing surfer in recent weeks

The man from Delft got into trouble on 11 May off the coast of Scheveningen, along with nine other water sports enthusiasts. Part of the group managed to save themselves, but five men (aged 22 to 38) were killed in an accident. Two victims were quickly helped out of the water, but help was of no avail.

A day later, two deceased water sports enthusiasts were found in the water. The Delft citizen's body was also seen then, but drifted before the emergency services could recover it. Then the surfer was searched several times in vain.

Research is still being conducted into how water sports enthusiasts could get into trouble and whether measures are needed. Bad weather conditions and sea foam may have played a role. The victims are known to be very experienced water sports enthusiasts.

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