The coronavirus crisis and confinement have widened inequalities and aggravated precarious situations in France. So much so that families are forced to request overdraft permits from their bank, such as Cindy and Annabelle, mothers from Strasbourg who testified on Europe 1 on Thursday.


The purchasing power of the most fragile has taken a hit due to the coronavirus and containment crises. Bank overdrafts are on the rise, families are delaying the maturity of their loans, and others are unable to pay their rent. In Strasbourg, two women tell Europe 1 on Thursday the effects of the pandemic on their wallets. 

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"A tray of strawberries at 3.49 euros, I find it very expensive"

This summer, the holidays will most certainly be in Strasbourg for Cindy's family, a stay-at-home mother of five, whose husband is an electrician. Ditto at Annabelle and her husband, a craftsman in the construction industry, who have two children. Modest households, very affected by the effects of confinement. "During the confinement, we had a lot more expenses!", Notes Cindy. "Who says children at home says that we do not put them in the canteen," she said.


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"Since they are at home, they eat at home. They were hungry every hour. The canteen ticket costs 1.50 euros for a starter, a main course and a dessert. While there, that's it completely different, "says Annabelle. The two women also noted an increase in food prices during this confined period. "A tray of strawberries of 500 grams at 3.49 euros, I find it very expensive. Before, we had for 1.99 euros," notes Cindy. Consequently, "we hit the overdraft", she says. "With all that has happened, the banker has authorized us a little more. Normally I have an overdraft authorization of 400 euros but here I am at 550," she says. 

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Another effect, in this case local, of the epidemic on the wallets of modest families: the closed border which signed the end of the races in German supermarkets. An important problem for these families since German prices, especially on certain essentials, are lower than French prices. For households in difficulty, Bercy announced that it would strengthen the system capping bank charges.