A highway in Alsace. (Illustration) - G. VARELA / 20 MINUTES

He had just touched the safety barrier after avoiding a boar on the A35, near Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine (Haut-Rhin), report the Latest News from Alsace . Problem, the driver, 19, did not have a driver's license. Worse, he decided to leave the car in the right lane in the early morning, on a portion limited to 130 km / h without lighting, without any signaling or informed the emergency services. A real wall faced by motorists who were able to raise the alarm. The young man, currently 20 years old, appeared on Tuesday in justice in Colmar.

The latter brought back, after an evening in a disco, a friend's vehicle, without having informed the owner that he did not have a permit. Owner who had himself lost his license the day before…

The accused, who had already been sentenced a year earlier for driving without a license, was finally fined 120 day fines at five euros.


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