A holiday in Europe is possible this summer, but only in countries where the color code is yellow. Code orange still applies to some countries, in which case holiday travel is not recommended. Which travel advice will soon be linked to which country? And what do these color codes mean for a trip to the country in question?

This summer it is again possible to travel to many European countries, but under strict conditions.

Until June 15, all travel advice is in orange anyway, so there is a negative travel advice. After that, the travel advice for as many countries within the Schengen zone, including Belgium, Croatia and Italy, is turned yellow: this means that traveling is responsible, but that there are safety risks.

Between June 15 and July 5, the government hopes to be able to relax travel advice for more European countries, such as France, Spain and Austria.

Orange travel advice will continue to apply to three European countries: Sweden, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

However, travel advice can often change during this time. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore recommends that you also visit the website nederlandwereldreed.nl for the current state of affairs.

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What is travel advice anyway?

What do these color codes actually mean? The colors represent the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for traveling abroad. The travel advice is classified with the colors green, yellow, orange and red. The recommendations are drawn up on the basis of, among other things, the Dutch embassy in the area, other ministries, intelligence services and local authorities.

However, the travel advice is not binding: it remains the responsibility of the traveler and the travel organizations involved whether or not a trip continues.

Normally, the color codes of the travel advice refer to the safety situation in the country. During the current pandemic, the color codes mainly relate to the extent to which countries have taken measures against the corona virus. The other security risks in countries are still mentioned on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but are not indicated by a color code.

Green code: no special security risks
If a country code is green, then there are no known security risks and travel is simply possible. The situation in the country is comparable to the situation in the Netherlands.

Code yellow: attention, safety risks
Code yellow means that measures have been taken in that country or region against the corona virus that have a limited impact on daily life.

Normally, color code yellow means that travelers in this country must be alert. There are safety risks in the country or region that deviate from what we are used to in the Netherlands. Prepare for that and pay extra attention.

Code orange: only necessary trips
The corona crisis has disrupted daily life in countries with color code orange. A travel advice remains orange if the country does not yet have enough control over the coronavirus, no Dutch tourists are allowed to come yet or a mandatory quarantine is imposed on arrival.

If a country code is orange, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends traveling to the area only if this is really necessary. A holiday trip, for example, is not.

Code red: travel is not recommended
In an area with code red, the situation is not only dangerous, but even life-threatening. Travel to this area is therefore not recommended.

The country may also be completely closed off because of the corona virus. There is no view of entry and exit.

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