Münster (dpa / tmn) - Tax fraud does not only cause trouble with the tax office. It can also have serious professional consequences. A doctor can lose his license to practice if he does not tax his earnings properly.

This shows a decision of the Higher Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia (Az .: 13 A 296/19). Because this is a serious misconduct that could shake public confidence in the profession, reports the Medical Law Working Group of the German Lawyers' Association (DAV).

An amount of more than 150,000 euros

The negotiated case involved a doctor who had evaded taxes for many years. In total, it was an amount of around 155,000 euros - in addition there was an attempted tax evasion. As a result, his license to practice medicine was withdrawn. The medical doctor sued against this decision.

Without success: The tax evasion was a serious misconduct, the court said. The doctor is therefore unworthy of practicing his profession. His behavior means that he no longer has the reputation and trust that is absolutely necessary for this.

A serious crime

Such unworthiness could also exist if the misconduct did not meet with displeasure in the professional environment or concerned the direct doctor-patient relationship, the reasoning stated. The doctor had not declared his income over a long period of time, or not fully. That testifies to considerable criminal energy. Such tax evasion is not a trivial offense, but serious crimes.

Judgment of the OWG