After the death of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation, demonstrators outside the White House have again violated the curfew in Washington. Peaceful protests in front of the American government headquarters continued even after the night curfew came into effect on Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. local time, as a dpa reporter reported. Hundreds of people chanted slogans like "We don't move" and "Fuck your curfew".    

In New York, too, demonstrators passed the curfew for the second evening in a row. The news channel CNN showed recordings of ongoing peaceful protests in several districts of the east coast metropolis, where the curfew was extended until Sunday after looting.

Demonstrations against police violence, racism and social injustice have been going on for days in Washington, New York and other US cities. It was triggered by George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday last week. In many US cities, the demonstrations have turned into rioting and looting. Many cities have curfew at night.

Military threat threatened

In front of the White House, security forces - including the military police - violently dissolved protests on Monday evening. While the police acted against largely peaceful demonstrators, President Donald Trump threatened to use the military to stop unrest when he appeared in the White House rose garden. He also said he would send "tens of thousands of heavily armed soldiers" to stop further riots in Washington. Justice Minister William Barr announced that the security forces in the capital would be strengthened again on Wednesday night. 

There were protests again in numerous other US cities on Tuesday. Demonstrations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Houston were seen on television images. According to the family, Floyd is to be buried in Houston on Tuesday next week. He had grown up in the metropolis in Texas. 

Investigations in Minneapolis

During the Minneapolis police operation, one of four officers involved had floyd his neck down for almost nine minutes. He ignored all requests from the 46-year-old to let him breathe. The four police officers were released. According to the family, Floyd will be buried in Houston on Tuesday next week, where he grew up.

Minneapolis police are subjected to an in-depth investigation into possible discriminatory practices after Floyd's death. Minnesota state governor Tim Walz said the human rights department in his administration has brought a civil rights suit against the city's police department. Now their policies, procedures, and practices from the past ten years are being examined to find out whether the police in Minneapolis have systematically discriminated against minorities.